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Silencing mages in bg1 cheese


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First of all, sorry if this topic was discussed already. I wanted to talk about cheesy way to deal with mages in bg1, using priest's lvl 2 silence spell before triggering their pre-cast spells. To be precise, casting 'silence 15m radius' spell, on the edge of vision range before you see the enemy mage. It makes them 100% useless in bg1 as they rarely have vocalise memorised.


Even if they do have the vocalise spell, it is to harsh for them to be deprived of all pre-casting potential, so I think, the solution is to force pre-casting before they are affected by the silence spell.


I find it sad that I was able to kill Davaeorn in seconds on LoB difficulty without using any wands, scrolls nor potions...


Also, silencing enemies before plot encounters prevents the encounter from happening so the player is able to put traps and all sorts of nasty stuff around the poor enemies, because they cannot start the conversation to get hostile :(


I understand that it would probably take huge work to reimplement how pre-casting works and I'm sorry that is my only idea for improvement. But that's why I decided to open this thread anyway.


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