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Smarter General AI Install Fail

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I've been trying to install SCS completely for over a week now and keep hitting the same roadblock. Most everything installs fine, but when I get to installing Smarter General AI, I keep getting an error and it rolls back to the selection for whether or not to install. This in itself is really annoying because I got the mod to work years ago with all the same other mods installed, but it seems all the versions available for download have the same problem installing. After Smarter General AI it seems to pick and choose what other components it does and does not want to install, such as allowing Smarter Dragons but not allowing Smarter Fiends.

I've been searching around and have found what people claim to be fixes for this, but nothing I try seems to help. I read that there was a fix in BiG Picture, but I keep getting errors with that as well. I've even uninstalled all of my mods to see if one of them was interfering with it, but either I missed something completely or SCS is universally flawed because that didn't help either.

If anyone could walk me through how to get it to work, you'd have my eternal thanks. I'm not very computer savvy and when I read stuff about parsing errors and whatnot I have no idea what's going on. The other mods I have installed are as follows:



BG2 Fixpack

Item Revisions

Spell Revisions

NPC Flirtpack (from PPG)

Banterpack (from PPG)

Quest Pack (from PPG)

Totemic Cernd

Song and Silence

Sword and Fist

NPC Kitpack


Unfinished Business (from PPG)

SCS (this is where I installed what I could get to work)

BG2 Tweakpack


This is pretty much the order that I installed them, as best as I can remember. If anyone has some insight into how to get SCS to fully install, please let me know. Thanks.

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I, too, am getting an "ERROR Installing [smarter general AI], rolling back to previous state Illegal instruction: 4" error when installing Smarter General AI. I even spent two hours reinstalling and trying again. I followed the BiG World PDF and applied the fix pack. Any ideas?

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