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Missing Edwin, BG2ee (EET)- at Mae'var's guildhall

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first- thanks for an excellent mod.

Edwin is not on the third floor of the guild hall. I think this is probably because he got chunked in the forest area of BGee, with the other red mages, after i sent him packing from the Gnoll Stronghold. Also, he was not in the opening expolration area of SOD, which i think means he was already out of the game because of being chunked by that point.

Is there a way to fix this?

thanks in advance

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Also, he was not in the opening expolration area of SOD


this is intended if he has been chunked. NPCs that remains dead and are not within the party to get resurrected (chunking removes them from the party) won't have content in SoD (and with exception for Imoen and Edwin also in BG2).


Edwin is not on the third floor of the guild hall.


this is bug. Due to plot reasons new version of Edwin should spawn. There is a check for STATE_REALLY_DEAD, for some reason it failed for you. Please upload your save (before you entered third floor of the guild hall). I will fix it locally for you directly in save and try to solve this in code for the next version. If you don't have such save you will need to use console - let me know if this is the case.

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thanks for response.

i don't have a save from before i enetered the third floor, so i guess i will need to use the console.

(i do have several saves in areas outside of the third floor, however.)

it can be a save even from the beginning of this chapter (those are created automatically). If you have such older one please upload it.


This should spawn new version of him:


Before using it also upload your most reacent save (so made after you enetered the third floor) - I will check if this console command will help in this case entierly since it's possible that Edwin's DV will still point to that chunked one.

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