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Kit values in CREs

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So I've been thinking about kit values, because why not?


IESDP currently states that the value is stored in a big-endian format, but unless I have really misunderstood the concept, the kit value is not big-endian. It uses a reversed word order, but the words themselves are little-endian.


The value 0x80000000 is stored as 00 80 00 00 in the CRE and the value 0x4005 is stored as 00 00 05 40. Were they big-endian they'd be 80 00 00 00 and 00 00 40 05.

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I'm not super proficient with this hex representations, but with try and error I was able to prepare code that read kit id from CRE file correctly:

OUTER_SET CRE_KIT_OFFSET = 0x0244 // dword

    RET kit_id
    READ_SHORT CRE_KIT_OFFSET kit_id_word1
    READ_SHORT (CRE_KIT_OFFSET + 0x2) kit_id_word2
    SET kit_id = (kit_id_word1 * 0x10000) + kit_id_word2

It is definitely something with word swapping, so 0x80000000 is stored like 0x00008000 and 0x4005 (so 0x00004005) is stored like 0x40050000. At least for my (limited) understanding.

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