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SHS: Valygar Friendship v1.0 now available

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We are happy to announce that NPC Interaction Expansion Project (IEP), a grand endeavour to uplift non-romancing relationships with Bioware NPCs to the high quality standards set by modern mods in regard of depth and complexity, has been expanded once again now adding Valygar to its fold.

An old La'Valygar project got revived, enhanced, edited and renamed by fluke13, Lava Del'Vortel and Jastey, turning into a full-fledged Valygar Friendship.

With this mod installed, you should be able to experience up to 12 dialogues in SoA and up to 5 dialogues in ToB. Note that the mod has changed greatly when compared to its previous incarnation. The most prominent changes from La'Valygar project are additional proofreading and editing, new talks, and improvements to the old ones.


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