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Dagger of Sounding


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Dagger of Sounding:


This oddly designed dagger has a peculiar, hollow bronze bulb at the end of its pommel. If this is gently tapped against a hollow surface, it gives a resounding ring quite different from the dull tone emitted if struck against solid stone allowing for a greater chance of finding secret doors.


Equipped Abilities: +10% to Find Traps


THAC0: +1 Bonus

Damage: 1D4+1

Damage Type: Piercing

Weight: 1

Speed Factor: 1

Proficiency Type: Dagger

Type: 1-Handed


Usable by Thieves:


(Adapted from The Complete Thief’s Handbook. Also bear in mind that Find Traps is used in BG2 to find Secret Doors)

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