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G3: Wheels of Prophecy v8 Now Available

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The Wheels of Prophecy is a mod for Baldur's Gate II and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition by DavidW, author of Sword Coast Stratagems, adding new content, dialog and roleplaying options to the Throne of Bhaal expansion. It makes only minor changes to the main storyline but allows the player to interact with that storyline in a much more non-linear way. Version 8 is a maintenance fix, correcting a bug on Enhanced Edition installs and updating some behind-the-scenes resources.

v8 changelog

  • Ad-hoc fix to a dialog-mismatch for Balthazar in Enhanced Edition installs
  • Under-the-hood changes: updated SFO function library and external-directory nomenclature; immutablised charset and audio handling
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