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MacOS Weidu Launcher updated to v7.1

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Mac users rejoice, substantial improvements have been made to the long-stagnant 'Mac Weidu Luncher.'  (Hereafter "the MWL.")  Installing Weidu mods on a Mac is now easier than ever.  The full discussion of the tool is at this thread on the Beamdog forums, but here is a brief run-down of the tool's features:

- All you need to install mods are the mod folders and the MWL.  No need for Weidu itself or mod-specific .command files.

- You install mods by double-clicking the MWL.  It will present you with a list of all mods in your current game directory.  Choose which mod you want to install, and it will open the Terminal and run the normal Weidu installation.  When you are done with that mod, double-click the MWL again and move on the the next mod.  Et cetera.

- The modname.debug files created by Weidu will no longer clog up your game folder, instead they will be found in a "/logs" subfolder.

- As of v7.1, the list of mods in your game folder will be sorted into an approximation of an approved, conflict-minimizing install order, gleaned from projects like BWP, BWS, and Project Infinity.  The MWL will automatically attempt to use the most up-to-date version of this list from the project's Github page.  (Note, this will not actually identify mod conflicts; this feature is solely concerned with the install order of mods you have downloaded.  Also note, any mods in your game folder that are not in the official list - your own custom projects, newer mods published since the list was updated, etc. - will appear at the end of the list, so be aware they might need to be installed earlier.)

Grab the most recent version of the MWL here.


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