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Bandit Camp alarm doesn't always aggro everyone

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What the title says. During my latest playthrough I was able to "split pull" the bandit camp. I approached the camp from the southeast and started running south as soon as a bandit sounded the alarm; Taurgosz and most bandits/archers didn't chase me, the wizard and most other named bandits did. I did some tests and it seems to happen more often if I run away from the line of sight of the bandit that sees me as soon as possible. Staying still and waiting will pretty quickly aggro everyone. This is probably not a big problem for most people and it might have always been like this but it hasn't happened to me b4 and I tend to handle the encounter the same way (Start the alarm with 1 character, run south asap and make a bottleneck with web). On previous versions (v30/v31) the whole camp would come after me, this time was a lot easier.


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