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Haer Dalis' - Delainy


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Haer Dalis':

"I bid you greetings, my majestic wolf..."



"Uh...hello Haer Dalis'...I give you...greetings in return.  Is there something I may do you for?"


Haer Dalis':

"Perhaps, perhaps not.  I have heard tell that you are a bard, and decided to satisfy my curiosity.  I must confess that you have a poise that many actors would envy, and your voice could charm the very nightingales from the branches...perchance you may wish to try your hand at the stage..."



"I thank you for the courtesy that you give me Haer Dalis', but I will admit that while I am willing to sing for my supper, as it were, going on stage...seems dishonest.  A lie.  I am comfortable with myself, and what my skills are...I have no desire to pretend to be anyone else..."


Haer Dalis':

"Very well, my wolf, but you may wish to reconsider, for when one is on stage, at that moment, at that position in time, one is a god.  All eyes are on them, waiting with baited breath on every word.  It is within your power to make them laugh, to make them cry, to believe that you are greater than them..."



"I doubt I shall change my mind, Haer Dalis'.  I understand what you are saying, but it is still a lie.  If I am willing to lie to myself so easily..."


Haer Dalis:

"Say no more, I understand, if I don't agree..."


Delainy starts to move away when Haer Dalis' says:

"For this songtress is as cruel as she is fair;

Her brow-shades frown, although her eyes are sunny.

Her smiles are lightning, though her pride causes despair,

And her disdains are gall, whilst her favors honey,

A modest maid, bedecked with a blush of honor..."


Delainy stiffens, and she stops in her tracks, her fist clenching, and then becoming free as she says:

"Let me tell you a little story Haer Dalis.  Once, there live this Peacock.  In its travels, it came across a Crane.  The Peacock spread its gorgeous tail and mocked the Crane, ridiculing the ashen hue of its plumage.  The Peacock said, "I am robed, like a king, in gold and purple and all the colors of the rainbow; while you have not a bit of color on your wings.'"


Delainy sighs:

"'True,' replied the Crane; "but I soar to the heights of heaven and lift up my voice to the stars, while you walk below, like a cock, among the birds of the dunghill.'"

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