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Kido is the first released NPC from the revived Mod for the Wicked.


He is now in version 3. A quest and challenge and some extra content needs to be added for version 4.


Another thing I want to add is some of a custom script for him. Why? He has for instance a fight with another NPC. Now I know how to code a fight with a script, but I want the outcome to be random. Therefor just a simple attack one another thing is set.


The problem: Kido is an idiot. Okay, I give in he is crazy, but he has intelligence. The point is that with the scripts that are in game. He either begins to cast spells or he tries to fight with his dagger. Now he is jester, so he isn't very good in either of them.


I can of course force a sequence with mirror image and emotion to let the guy just drop, but that isn't quite random. perhaps the player already used those spells. There are of course the custom scripts for offensive and defensive spellcasting and attacking, but I need a more sort of combo and I do not know how to do it. :)


Thus, to be short, I need a custom script for a Jester causing him to use his best defense spells and throw two/three of them and after start using his dagger or if not present another equiped weapon.


Can anyone and will anyone be so kind to help me. Cause it would be so neat if I can add it to version 4. ;)

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