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  1. Like the new style, meaning the leaving out of spelling the entire URL. Makes it more enjoyable to listen as it flows better so to say
  2. It works again for me And yes, sorry I was the guest. Have been so long without internet have to catch up about 10 episodes.... I'm listening again the Wizard
  3. Thanks, though I fail to notice how much this will add as it seems to be something like the show notes... Might be that I am just a greenhorn with this kind of stuff
  4. Actually, I got the name from the DnD 3.5 base classes index, and, to be honest I prefer the name Baleful Utterance, however, I don't suppose it matters overly much and it's no real trouble to change it . . . Yes, I know you are actually right as this is the least invocation known as Baleful Utterance (I just checked), just a bit weird as Utterances are atually the domain of Truenamers. However, that book came at a latter date of course and as BG2 doesn't know truenamers you might want to keep the same name. What do you think of my suggestions of HLA?
  5. What I notice is Baleful Utterance might need a new name. Truenamers use Utterances, rather make it Baleful Invocation (just got Tome of Magic and I have Complete Arcana as well ) Warlock is a cool class by the way, just like the Binder You also might want to severly test this kit. Why? Use Any Item might just gives him access again to the wizardy rings and you need to see what it does. Neither do I understand why you want to give him the HLA of tracking (or whirlwind attack), as you can read above I know the Warlock from Complete Arcana, but that doesn't make sense. You also have hardly any HLA that can be re-chosen, making his HLA at later levels less significant. I think temporary magic resistance and damage reduction are more in line with PnP Warlock. You could also add some other that modifies his eldritch blast like the invocations you have or can you already do that? P.s. Great admirration for your skill, as you say you find this easy. I am coding NPC's and quests (for the Mod for the Wicked that is), but I still want to create one kit and some other stuff and I am having a very hard time with it...
  6. I think TheWizard asks good questions to be honest. As far as I know from other radio shows, hosts make their own questions foremost and sometimes listeners call in to ask questions, but that is kind of hard with this show. I don't think it is possible for the TheWizard to say whom his guest is going to so people can make up questions. For instance, that I came on the show was decided one hour before we recorded So, I reckon that to be a bit hard to do. I reckon it is more feasible to make questions and TheWizard tries to get the answers for his show... though you can just ask them at the forum... If we want the show to be more interactive we should also react to TheWizard's request of telling about how many mods are in our monster mod game (I did )
  7. There is also Tortured Souls over at BlackWyrm that allows you to romance Valygar
  8. Deathsangel


    I agree on most but I need to slightly clearify a thing here I think, about the above I quoted. Before the Great Upheavel (as I think you are referring to that as the Faction War) in Sigil, Sigil had around 50 factions. Afterwards they only had 15 left, of which one is the Doomguard. The others sometimes still continues as sects like the Merkantile, The Givers or The Ragers, though they have no more a base in Sigil and are not so significant anymore. If you are talking about something else, some Faction War that deletes even more factions then I apoligize. I have never heard of this (which would strike me as odd, being a planescape fan for more then 10 years). I hope that this would also never happen. Such a thing could really upset the ballance there and 15 factions are fun.
  9. Yep, sorry I tend to do that in RL as well. I understand it is annoying However, that is not TheWizard's fault. Would have thought him to cut it down a bit though indeed. On the other hand, it is good publicity
  10. Okay, so I got my NPC walking around and I made a timer using hours. However, it happens to be that for some goofy reason an umodded game's gtimes.ids can not handle this... Now I want to use more timers using this, now I can either fix the darn thing myself or... use the same codes as either G3FixPack or G3TweakPack (I don't know which pack imolements the hours (and minutes) into gtimes.ids). I request the later the one for compatibility (so that my codes do not differ from the one made by G3) and so I don't have to re-invent the wheel, so to speak. May I be so bold as to ask. May I borrow this code, giving credit to G3, and use it in my mod and if yes (for which I would be very happy) will somebody be so kind as to tell me how to implement it (or is it just putting a new gtimes.ids in the override folder instead of 'appending' the file)? Thanks in advance Cheers, The Deathsangel
  11. You won't be able to have them both in your team. They will begin to rumble on sight. It's written in Razakel's and Anu-Kirxach's characteristics on the 1st page. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Okay, stupid me It is not specifically there, but in the beserk modes. Okay, then the following a Glaberzu is extremely high up. Perhaps it is better to downgrade him to i.e. a Babau (5hd less and as such more in even an Abishai). Demons and Devils do have notion of sex and some demons and devils are preferably one. Thinking here on the Succubus or Marilith (manly female for Tana'ri) and Erinyes (still even with male types, but female form surely there). This is not to critize the descisions made, just to point it out. Cessation-of-Emotion is described to use tatoos. Perfectly possible, but it does give me a feel of having a Fell copy there. Using tattoos is not that extremelly common... That they speak in rebuses does not make them hinged towards tattoos
  12. First, I love Planescape and might be good to replace ToB, but I wonder about compatibility since other NPC mods do have reactions to ToB stuff that might get screwed up if it gets replaced... Monster of Mod to work alone on by the way, though I am doing some similar with the Mod for the Wicked Though it is not even this large... I kind of agree with Domi, even though (once again) I have to say I really really love the planescape setting. On another note. You do know your two evil characters can not work together? That is Baatezu and Tana'ri you are trying to mix then That just spells disaster... Where can you find something on this mod?
  13. Thanks for redirection for me it was the most important component, besides the stacking thingie [edit] download does not seem to work for me
  14. As my game is not running anymore after installation (). I wanted to uninstall... I first got the lines it couldn't read the weidu.log on line 4. Re-opening undid that problem, but it didn't reckongize three components that I installed were there. I installed again, I opened again, then I could uninstall them. Unfortunatly, still no running torment and yes, I checked it did run fine with just torment and the official patch. I did install for the first time platter unofficial patch as was pointed out in the read-me from the G3 tweak-pack. So, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I am going to reinstall. I do not have a full install if that makes a difference, but for some reason I cannot opt for this.
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