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Ascension mod compatibility


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No, "set resistance" effects always apply before "increment resistance" effects for the damage type resistances. Effect application order can matter within categories - if you cast mage Protection From Fire (set to 100%) and Aura of Flaming Death (set to 90%) on the same character, the later-cast spell will win - but only if there are multiple resistance-setting effects in play. If you have any sort of incrementing resistance - gear, Armor of Faith, level 18+ druid bonuses, etc. - then that'll add to AoFD's 90% so you reach 100% fire resistance.

And yes, back when I did my fire-themed run, I seriously tried to kill SCS/Ascension Yaga-Shura with fire, baiting him to cast the spell and then unleashing all the fire. No fire damage dealt.

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