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Need help with install order

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unfortunately for me, my latest installation of EET crashed horribly whenever i entered combat with the assassins in candlekeep and i am in the process of re-installing EET from scratch with a clean BG EE+ install (currently still downloading the games again from beamdog)

I would like to try and ensure i do this right from the get go this time and would like some advice regarding my install order of mods for the game

I am planning to install the following after the EET install

BG1NPC project

BG1 unfinished business

I understand these 2 mods listed above should be installed in my SoD folder before i initialize my EET install?

A7-Banter Accelerator

Afaaq The djinn companion

Almateria's restoration project


Banter Packs

Branwen for BG2

De'Arnise Romance

EET Tweaks

Item Upgrade

NPC Flirtpacks

Pai'Na NPC

Portraits Portraits Everywhere

Romantic Encounters

Romantic Encounters for BG2

Sir Ajantis BG2

Skie the cost of one girls soul

Sword coast strategems

Thalantyr upgrades

Unusual oddities shop

Unfinished Business

Weimer's Item upgrade

Yeslick for BG2/ToB

There is also one mod that is not on the EET mod compatible list that i really want to install because it changes the greenstone amulet to become passive the itempack mod


How should i go about with my installation? Does it matter which order i install the mods in?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated

Thank you


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