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WM: Shades of the Sword Coast v.BETA3 is here!

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Shades of the Sword Coast is a mod that adds new quests and enhances existing areas. The first game from the Baldur's Gate series includes many areas that introduce some empty places. This creates a chance for new stories to appear. That is the main purpose of this mod: to add new stories, new characters, new items, and many new chances for your party to show what they are capable of.

New in this version:

  • Added one new item to the game [bastard sword]
  • Improved "Cult of the Dargon" quest
  • Improved and fixed "Circles of Interest" reward
  • Improved Firewine Bridge: it's now a wild magic area
  • Fixed "Into the Womanhood" dialogue
  • Fixed "Kobolds Dream Too" dialogue
  • Fixed "Final Rest of Firewine's Soldiers" reward
  • Fixed Piercewing's description
  • Fixed Taerom dialogue
  • Fixed Bone Collector's key

The mod requires BGEE to work properly, preferably with Siege of Dragonspear installed.

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