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Git 'Er Done: A VERY Basic Step-by-Step Guide to Making a GitHub Repository, Adding Files and Replacing/Updating Files, Making/Editing Releases, and Downloading Files - With Pictures of the GitHub GUI!

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Quick Link to My Tutorials - Accurate as of February 18, 2021!
-Making Repositories, Adding Files to a Repository, and Replacing/Updating Files on a Repository

Editing Your README.md File (and other Markdown Format Files) on a Repository

-Downloading Files from GitHub

-Making/Publishing Releases and Editing Releases on a Repository

Greetings, all!

I'm aware this GitHub tutorial exists but I wanted an even simpler tutorial for basic GitHub functionality since these are the main things I expect people in this community to be doing with GitHub.  I am aware there are other ways to do certain things, but I want to remove the barrier to entry since I like GitHub and think it's a spiffy place to easily host and organize coding projects, including game mods.


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Tutorials and detail added!
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