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BG2Effects.dat Proficiency Modifier improvement

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the       current

dat                    file

has the                         numbers

and names          on

        different columns

Making                      it more

difficult                                                 to read

I placed the numbers first and dashes to the proficiency clearing up the jaded columns. open with a text editor copy and paste these lines if you like this way.

the finished effect shows that I lined up the ones, tens, hundred columns then all the letters in the same starting point.  (it will show in DLTCEP correctly)

233,1,"Stat: Proficiency [233]","Amount","Type","Sets the weapon proficiency points for the weapon type specified in the 'Type' field, to the value specified by the 'Amount' field, for the targetted creature(s).

NB: The Proficiency Modifier effect cannot increment proficiency points, it can only SET them.

Known values for 'Type' are:
  89-----Bastard Sword
104-----Long Bow
  90-----Long Sword
110-----Martial Arts
102-----Quarter Staff
105-----Short Bow
  91-----Short Sword
113-----Single Weapon Skill
112-----Sword and Shield Skill
  93-----Two-Handed Sword
111-----Two-Handed Weapon Skill
114-----Two Weapon Skill
  97-----War Hammer
116-----Extra Proficiency 2(Unused)
117-----Extra Proficiency 3(Unused)
118-----Extra Proficiency 4(Unused)
119-----Extra Proficiency 5(Unused)
120-----Extra Proficiency 6(Unused)
121-----Extra Proficiency 7(Unused)
122-----Extra Proficiency 8(Unused)
123-----Extra Proficiency 9(Unused)
124-----Extra Proficiency 10(Unused)
125-----Extra Proficiency 11(Unused)
126-----Extra Proficiency 12(Unused)
127-----Extra Proficiency 13(Unused)
128-----Extra Proficiency 14(Unused)
129-----Extra Proficiency 15(Unused)
130-----Extra Proficiency 16(Unused)
131-----Extra Proficiency 17(Unused)
132-----Extra Proficiency 18(Unused)
133-----Extra Proficiency 19(Unused)
134-----Extra Proficiency 20(Unused)"


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