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Script Triggers and detecting invisibility (EEs and IWD2)

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I noticed some inconsistent behavior with how triggers interact with invisibility, so I did some testing. This was with a party script, with the targets being PCs. I didn't do any testing with enemy scripts.

EEs: tested on BG2EE v2.6.6 and IWDEE v2.5 with EEex

Target object: [PC]
Must be visible: See(), Range(), LOS(), Exists()
Can detect if invisible: Detect()

Range(), LOS(), Exists() triggers:
Must be visible: [PC], NearestAllyOf()
Can detect if invisible: Player1, Myself, StrongestOf

- I only checked a few identifiers, but you get the idea
- See() trigger will only see visible creatures (of the ones I tested)


Target object: [PC]
Must be visible: See(), Range(), SetLastMarkedObject()
Can detect if invisible: Detect(), LOS(), Exists()

See(), Range(), SetLastMarkedObject() triggers:
Must be visible: [PC], NearestPC
Can detect  if invisible: Player1, Myself, StrongestOf

LastMarkedObject (see below)


EDIT: reworded some things and added some notes

About LastMarkedObject (IWD2)

I originally had this as must be visible for See() or Range() triggers. After further testing, these triggers can see LastMarkedObject if invisible. However, the SetLastMarkedObject trigger has the same restrictions as See() and Range(). It cannot mark a [PC] or NearestPC target that is invisible. This also applies to the SetSpellTarget() trigger.


Method: This is just how I tested this, in case you're wondering. I made the party invisible, then had them attack an enemy if a PC target was seen. I used blocks like this, just changing the trigger or target object for detecting PCs:




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