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Every good warrior knows the need to have something up his sleeve when things turn dire. As a result, expect to be seeing a few new items specially made for this mod.


Lemming Amulet


It is well known that every so often lemmings gather into a massive horde, and migrate into the sea effectively committing suicide. The wearer of this amulet can induce a similar suicidal compulsion in another. The urge is so great that the victim finds himself rushing off in a maddened haze until the they hurl themselves off a cliff.


Special Effects:


Detect Cliffs 3 times per day

Induce Suicide Run 1 time per day

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This is just something that happened to slip through the cracks. One of the jokes was one of Boo's subquests was that he was going to get a wererat rival. Upon defeating said rival, Boo could gain these items...


Gloves of Mickey


Snug, white gloves that magically fit the size of the wearer from the most massive ham-fisted ogre to the daintiest halfling, this item was originally created for a wererat with a peculiar fondness for children. When used, it summons a horde of mewling kids capable of taking down even the strongest of opponents.


Special Effects:


Summons swarm of rugrats, 1 time per day (for those who don't know the slang, rugrat is another term for child)

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