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Sample Boo-Yoshimo Banter


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Of course, Boo will have more to say to Yoshimo about certain things later in the game, but for now, a slice of preview banter....




Yoshimo: Boo, my fuzzy friend. I want to ask you something.


Boo: Pleasse ssir, assk your quesstion. I sshall be glad to ansswer.


Yoshimo: Tell me, are you any good at dice?


Boo:Dicsse? You mean gambling ssir?


Yoshimo: Yes indeed, there's nothing wrong with carressing the odd ivory, so long as you know when to stop. So, are you any good?


Boo:No ssir, I haven't really had the chancsse. Uhm. Why sshould you assk ssir?


Yoshimo: I wondered if we might take in a game or two, and I'd teach you how it's done, of course. If you already knew how to play, why then we could play more seriously.


Boo:Oh, I ssee. Thank you ssir. I ssuppose it would be alright to learn if it wass jusst for fun.


Yoshimo: That's the spirit Boo! We'll make a great dice player out of you. Just think of your advantage.


Boo:Advantage ssir?


Yoshimo: Everyone will be too distracted by your head to concentrate on the game.


Boo:That'ss not very kind of you to point out ssir.


Yoshimo: Sorry Boo, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. I have the same advantage, you know.


Boo:You ssir?


Yoshimo: Maybe you can't tell, but I'm a little unusual here myself.


Boo:Oh. Ssorry ssir, I never thought of it like that.


Yoshimo: Ah, pay it no heed, my friend. Pay it no heed. Now, let's see about those dice.

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