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Sample Minsc-Boo banter


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As requested, here's one of the Minsc-Boo banters written so far, this one by Bri, dealing once again with the problems Boo now faces:




Minsc: “Boo, my valiant comrade in arms, we need to talk.â€Â


Boo: “Yessir, misster Minssc ssir…iss there ssomething wrong? â€Â


Minsc: “This is hard to speak of loyal companion, and I would have kept silent in our mutual stomping of our boots on the backsides of evil, but it weighs heavily in the pit of stomach much like the Bhaalspawn’s cooking.â€Â


Boo: “You are sstarting to worry me…what have I done? Did I break ssome human rule again? Oooh…ooh…thiss is sso confussing. Ssometimes I wish I sstayed a hamsster.â€Â


Minsc: “You have done no wrong Boo, but what you have become my friend.â€Â


Boo: “Sh..should have sstayed a hamsster…â€Â


Minsc: “Those days were much simpler, yes. I am afraid to say this my valiant friend, but as of tonight you may no longer share my bedroll.â€Â


Boo: “But…why? Didn’t I pressss up againsst your back jusst like you liked it? Didn’t running my pawss along your sspine sset you aflutter?â€Â


Minsc: “Yes, but you didn’t weigh 14 stone then either…even the most dedicated warrior of virtue needs his sleep.â€Â


Boo: “I…can hold sstill if that iss what you need.â€Â


Minsc: “It’s not only that. You are a cover hog. I almost caught my death of a cold because you wouldn’t share. And your bedroll stinks, like a den of evil.â€Â


Boo: “But…but where shall I go? What shall I do?â€Â


Minsc: “You are a scrappy hamster. I am sure you will have no problems making a nest.â€Â

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