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Other interactions with the NPCs


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We also intend to have Boo have other interactions with the other NPCs beyond the normal Banters.


For example, if Haer Dalis' is in the party, we plan on having Boo solicit his aid in crafting a poem for his beloved (piles of sunflower seeds, while suitable for a hamster, just don't work too well with a Bhaalspawn...not unless they suffered severe head trauma)


We are still in discussion on how to set it up, but Boo might say something along these lines:


"O, Lady if thou’d hear me out

If thou’d only hear mine plea

All thou’d need iss to kneel

Or, mayhaps, even crouch

As I sssing in the grassss for thee.

Knowin’ well thine ssssweet disposssition

I dare hope that the fur on mine back

Won’t move thee t’ missjudge proposition

And confessssions this hamster’s ‘bout to make"

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