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Sample Boo - Valygar Banter


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The conversations between a transmuted hamster and a taciturn ranger can turn surreal...



Boo: “Just what iss wrong with me? Why do all the otherss ssmell that much different than me.â€Â


Valygar: “It might be because you insist on eating too much lettuce.â€Â


Boo: “Ooh…ssorry…didn’t mean to bother you Valygar, ssir.“


Valygar: “Doesn’t matter, even an inbred orc with a cold could have smelled you…upwind from you.â€Â


Boo: “That issn’t very nisse, Valygar sir.â€Â


Valygar: “No, but it is the truth. I recommend changing your eating habits, for it endangers us all otherwise.â€Â


Boo: “And what iss wrong with what I eat? Ass I undersstand it, it iss very healthy.â€Â


Valygar: “Boo, you eat almost one thing, and one thing only. Lettuce. You are right that it is healthy for you, but in the amount you eat…well, it is a good ######.â€Â


Boo: “Di…di…diu…diurhetoric?â€Â


Valygar: “Let’s just say that it is the reason you sleep away from camp as you do.â€Â

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