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Sample Jaheira - Boo Banter


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Of the various companions, Booc has known Jaheira almost as much as he's known the Bhaalspawn and Imoen.



Jaheira: “By Silvanus Boo, can’t you stop staring at me? It’s hard enough to sleep with who knows what after us, but I don’t need you mooning over me.â€Â


Boo: “I’m ssorry ma’am, I didn’t mean too. Well, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It’ss jusst Khalid…â€Â


Jaheira: “Khalid?â€Â


Boo: “Yess, ma’am…Khalid…he ussed…â€Â


Jaheira: “Speak carefully, changeling, about my Khalid. What did he used to do?â€Â


Boo: “Well…ssometimess…when you weren’t looking…when Minssc wassn’t looking…â€Â


Jaheira: “It’s like pulling teeth out of a dragon. If you don’t spit it out, I will spit you on a skewer.â€Â


Boo: “Well, ma’am…he ussed to rub me on the back…it felt good…I could alwayss tell when he came by hiss ssmell…cypress and ginseng…and you ssmell of him. It jusst reminded me of him.â€Â


Jaheira: “And let me guess, you will continue to stare at me if I don’t do something about it…â€Â


Boo: “Um…maybe.â€Â


Jaheira: “Alright…but only this once. And no one else hears about it.â€Â


A few minutes pass…


Jaheira: “Boo, you can stop squealing now.â€Â

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