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Sample Boo - Keldorn Banter


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Keldorn: Torm preserve us. Boo, stop... licking that loincloth.


Boo: But Sir Keldorn, sir, I sspoke to Minssc and he ssaid it wass important for a sstout kicker of buttss to alwass have clean clothess.


Keldorn: Cleanliness is most admirable my friend, but that is not how one cleans his clothes.


Boo: But ssir, it always workss sso well on my furr. See how nisse and sshiny it iss?


Keldorn: I've been meaning to talk to you about that as well.


Boo: Oh dear. Have I been doing thingss wrong again? What sshould I do?


Keldorn: You need to bathe, wash yourself with soap and water. And likewise for your clothes.


Boo: I don't know if I can sswim in my clothess ssir Keldorn, can you watch me to make ssure I don't drown?


Keldorn: You don't need that much water Boo. And you wash your clothes seperately. Surely you've seen Minsc take a bath before.


Boo: Iss that when we got in the big tub? I alwayss though Minssc wass taking me for a sswim.


Keldorn: No my friend, that was bathing.


Boo: I ssee, ssir. That'ss why I never ssee anyone cleaning their fur.I thought it wass becausse you couldn't reach the hard sspotss. I' wass having a devil of a time doing my legss. I had to sort of twist-


Keldorn: I know Boo. I saw. Just remember, soap, water and a tub.

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