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Sample Imoen - Boo Banter #1


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It should come as no surprise that Boo tends to get along really well with Imoen (and no, there is no intention of making him romance her...)


Imoen: "Boo, stop that!"


Boo: "Sstop what, Imoen ma'am?"


Imoen: "Remove your hands from your...backside."


Boo: "Can't do, ma'am. They're cold."


Imoen: “That is why gloves were invented, Boo.â€Â


Boo: “No.â€Â


Imoen: “No?â€Â


Boo: “Glovess itch my fingers. Can’t feel my fasse when I wash it.â€Â


Imoen: “Ugh, whatever. How in the hell did you decide to put them there?â€Â


Boo: “Workss good…keepss them really warm. Jusst like in Irenicuss’ cage. Remember you assking Minssc where he hid me?â€Â


Imoen: “I should have quit asking while I was ahead, shouldn’t I? Talk about a whole new meaning to keeping one’s hands in one’s pocket.â€Â


Boo: “Indeed ma’am, but I musst ssay when I go to buy ssomething, the merchantss often give it to me for free. Why iss my money not good enough for them?â€Â


Imoen: “I shall not touch that one…nor your money…with a ten foot pole.â€Â

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