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Sample Imoen - Boo Banter #2


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Boo: Ooo, oh dear me.


Imoen: What's wrong Boo?


Boo: I have losst the gemss that <CHARNAME> gave me to look after. Oh ma'am, I'm sso asshamed.


Imoen: I'm sure we can find them Boo. Where did you last see them?


Boo: I don't know ma'am. It'ss sso hard to remember where I put thingss. The human world iss sso complexss. It wass all sso ssimple when I wass a hamsster.


Imoen: Okay Boo, chin up there. Heheh, or chins up.


Boo: Ma'am, pleasse.


Imoen: Sorry Boo. Anyway, they're not in your pouch are they?


Boo: No Ma'am, I've looked there.


Imoen: Alright, they're not in your pack, or in your bedroll?


Boo: Oooh, er... No, I'm afraid not. Oh dear, I hope they're not gone.


Imoen: Your sleeves?


Boo: No


Imoen: Your boots?


Boo: Uhmm. No ma'am.


Imoen: *sigh* Your loincloth?


Boo: Not there either. Oh, foolissh, foolissh Boo.


Imoen: Well... where would you keep them if you were still a hamster?


Boo: A hamsster only has one placsse to keep thingss ma'am.


Imoen: Oh gods, I hope we're not going to have to sort through anything later.


Boo: Oh, Ma'am, I have them! They were in my cheekss the whole time! Ssilly me, I sshould have looked there firsst!


Imoen: That's great Boo! But.. er... you might want to wash them off before you return them to <CHARNAME>.


Boo: Right you are Ma'am.

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