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Sample Boo-Cernd Banter

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Here, Boo comes to the ever-wise Cernd for a little advice.



Boo: Excusse me ssir, might I talk to you a moment?


Cernd: Of course, my dear Boo, what is it that occupies your thoughts?


Boo: You ssee ssir, I'm having a hard time adjussting to thiss walking on two legss. I miss having a good sscamper. I wondered if you had ssome advicsse for me, ssir, being that you have your feet in both worldss sso to sspeak.


Cernd: I see. Perhaps we shall find a way to return you to your first shape, but if we cannot... What can I say my friend, the first days are the hardest to bear. With time, you will take to your new shape with an ease that might surprise you. The bird is born to fly, but he knows not how until he spreads his wings.


Boo: But ssir, ssometimess the birdss drop like rockss.


Cernd: Er... well, yes. That does happen sometimes. But as trees shed their winter raiment, so shall-


Boo: But if the tree iss caught in a ssummer fire, it wouldn't have any leavess to sshed, would it?


Cernd: *sigh* You'll be fine Boo, trust me.

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