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Sample Aerie-Boo Banter

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With both of them having a special bond with Minsc, Aerie and Boo get along very well indeed.



Boo: Ma'am, I want to assk. Who iss thiss Chiktikka Fasstpawss I hear you talking about?


Aerie: Chiktikka Fastpaws is a raccoon, the closest companion of the god Baervan Wildwanderer, a friend in his many




Boo: Oh, I ssee. Iss he a brave animal?


Aerie: Chiktikka Fastpaws is very brave, loyal and clever too. You know Boo, you're a lot like him.


Boo: Me ma'am?


Aerie: Well, of course you are. You're loyal and brave and wise, just like Chiktikka Fastpaws,


Boo: But with my new pawss, I'm not very fasst anymore.


Aerie: Don't be silly Boo, you go for the eyes just as fast as you ever did. And you're still cute as a button.


Boo: Pleasse don't teasse like that ma'am.


Aerie: Tee hee, is your nose going red Boo?


Boo: Oh dear, I alwayss blussh when people call me cute.


Aerie: I never noticed that before.


Boo: I could alwayss hide my nosse in my fur before. Now I jusst bang it on my armour.


Aerie: Oh, poor Boo, is that why you keep rubbing it?


Boo: Uhm, sort of. I sstill haven't got the hang of doorss yet either.


Aerie: I see what you mean about your paws being slow.


Boo: Yess. Minssc makess it look sso much eassier.


Aerie: Don't worry Boo, we'll get you all the practice you need.

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