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Solo with a Party! - v2.0 RELEASED


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- Always wanted to play a Solo, but found the non-combat sections too boring?

- Find Solo-ing without a Thief too exasperating at the beginning?

- Want the challenge of a Solo and still enjoy that romance you haven't yet checked out?

- Want to really hit the limits of the Experience bar and see just how high level your main character can go?

- Wishing your party members could just go hide somewhere while you finished the baddies?

- Rerunning Baldur's Gate 2 with your uber Main Character to check out that new NPC but tired of having to babysit all your other party members?

- Irritated with having to spend a good portion of your game time to move the rest of your slow-moving party?


Well then, this Mod is for you!


*NEW FEATURES* in v2.0


- Now an *AI Script*! No more using ShadowKeeper or CLUAConsole to enable Solo with a Party

- NEVER need to worry about Party Members getting Hurt / Killed

- Hefty Bonuses to Open Locks and Detect Traps so that your party members can help you Detect / Disarm Traps all the way to ToB

- Intelligence Set to 18 for Party Members so they leave Maze quickly once combat is over

- Freedom is Autocast on nearing where a Party Member was Mazed

- No more troublesome CREs or inconsistent time required to Maze Party Members




- XP Awarding - get it all for yourself!

- Solo Combat - for the challenge, all party members automatically get Mazed and stay Mazed until the battle is over.

- Improved Haste - For ease of movement along the maps and to keep up with the main character, all other party members have Improved Haste on them at practically all times.

- *DROPPED* Resurrections - Automatically resurrects all and any dead party members after combat.


Hope that you enjoy it, feedback/bugs/typos etc can be emailed to me or posted here to this thread.


Zip file

(unzip to your BG2 directory to and run setup-partysolo.exe)





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Does this actually work for anyone? I put it on a clean install, and all it does is crash the game. Can someone please tell me how to get it to work?

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