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  1. Dear DavidW Having played SCSII for my latest solo run, I have to say that this is a truly great mod It adds so much depth to most Enemy AI, and its so customisable, its like a blend of science, art and gaming Thank you so much for this! That said, I was playing on my Solo and found myself noticing that the enemy Mages had a lot of defensive spells, and not that many offensive ones. This became more obvious when I had Cloak of Mirroring on - after casting defensive buffs and a few AoEs, the rest of the rounds they would be just standing there casting Magic Missiles and a few other minor cantrips. A tad over-defensive, maybe? Another notable thing - they would be having sometimes as many as 4-6 Protections from Magic Weapons on them. While this makes absolute sense for most part, it does make the battles sort of a drag. For most part, I'd simply duck my PC out for half a minute to get rid of it. Stoneskin likewise, can be quite irritating and just that - there were some mages who cast 3-4 Stoneskins (at least it wasn't 6) - not an issue for Frostreaver and Stonefire, but making the foregone conclusion take noticeably longer to reach. Of course, these are problems that are more blindingly obvious to a Solo Character, especially one that relies more on Stealth and Physical Attacks rather than Magic. For a group of regular adventurers, it would be at least difficult to keep them All out of harm's way until All the Magical Defences were exhausted. Likewise, since its all but impossible for all the Characters to be covered in magical-reflective defences, more offensive spells would be usable against them. Perhaps there might be a little option to include how "Defensive" a Caster could be - I imagine a setting for - Max Num of Stoneskin Spells - Max Num of Prot from Magical Weapons - Max Num of Others (Mantle etc) But if any of the above numbers are 0 or 1, it will default to 2. Of course, there are many alternatives for this, its just an idea. Meantime, thanks for the great mod I'm struggling with Improved Irenicus in Hell, but I'm sure I'll get by. Thank you for the awesome SCSII! Brgds Zyraen
  2. Some of the dialogue looks pretty promising, though I'm still wondering if you would consider letting us keep Yoshimo (or at least some form of him) for later in the game. Meantime, which are the coolest talks / topics in your view as writer? I didn't go through everything, so I could have some surprises when I (get time / energy enough to) play BG2
  3. I'm not sure, but do note when installing SCSII, Power Users can use Scaling and Adding tactics to Mage levels to achieve a higher "difference" between the actual Mage's level. Essentially, stronger mages become more powerful, and weaker mages become weaker. Assuming that Most Mages become "powerful" and "satisfying" to kill above level 16 (this is the level you decide as a player), we get... Mage_Level_Add -12 Mage_Level_Scale 175 20 --> 24 18 --> 20 (actually its 19.5, so not sure...) 16 --> 16 12 --> 9 Just a suggestion, might that help?
  4. change all the OR(3) to OR(4) insert a ! in front of all the CheckStatLT include NearestEnemyOfType after all the !CheckStatLT and !See move all the !See() lines down to the next one, deleting the first line. include an !See([GOODCUTOFF.0.0.FIGHTER_ALL]) and associated checks end with an extra !See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) in other words, follow the example in SimDing0's Scripting Guide closely, dropping the random-number selection and replacing the Helpless check with the (NOT) check for the 3 spells. While at it, its good to try to understand the meaning of the code. Not easy, I know... ^^;;;
  5. @phordicus : well said in general, if you can't mod while you're in school, you don't have time to mod, EVER
  6. This is a most fascinating discussion, and despite not having played SCSII vampires yet, it has me all curious about how to handle these now-literal bloodsuckers CON Drain : it could be randomised to 1-2 CON per hit, say with 2 separate Con Bonus effects, one strikes with 100% chance and the other 50% chance ( if its not already done), and when attempting this attack it does so at reduced Thac0 and at say, -2 or -4 to Damage. Ideally, the CON drain could be altered so that the CON drained actually varies based on the Level-Drain ability of that particular vampire, since after all its meant to replace that ability. (So if Bodhi has 4-Level-Drain, she would also have either -4 CON drain or -1-4 CON Drain) On a tactical basis, apart from carefully splitting down the number of vampires up against the party at any one time, which really makes sense considering that vampires ARE Vampires and should be scary, it would also make sense to have a "cycle rotation" of 2-3 frontliners. This tactic worked very effectively against Mindflayers for me, in vanilla game, and the INT never really caused me too much irritation except when trying to deal stupidly with swarms. (Mord swords rock, btw) At this point, I look up the Mind flayer weapon and can't help but notice, the duration is only 30, ie 5 rounds. If CON drain's basis is that an existing vanilla ability already exists that does this, why not use the same duration for the CON drain ? A quick, simple resolution. On a separate note, Vampires generally have a much faster rate of attack than Mindflayers. It may or may not be necessary to have the CON item reduce their attack by one, or that it may be used once per round (so if a Vampire attacks twice per round, but only one of those attacks can be a CON drain attack) At this point, an elegant solution is to simply put the CON drain item into the offhand of the vampire. This automatically provides a Thac0 penalty, and doesn't require any special AI, as the vampire attempts to drain blood (via the less successful grapple) and drain levels at the same time! Which would make sense if we were to assume that the vampire is expending all of its abilities to bringing down the enemy. Plus being an offhand, Whirlwind and Improved Haste aside, they would only have one CON drain attack per round. Of course, a grapple might reasonably also have say, a 20-30% chance of stunning the target for maybe say, 3-6 seconds? So now we get evil...
  7. I won't offer to code or write anything, but I always love bouncing ideas around and can do some light troubleshooting. I can also refer you to a fair number of tutorials and coding resources (and model mods, as in mods whose general TP2 code you can easily reuse) so long I'm on MSN or an email is sent my way. MSN is far better for me though, good thing now is that yahoo and MSN can interact.
  8. I may have the draft of a Waypoint Mod I did up, I haven't tried to implement it live, but I could dig up the code and test it. Basically, it allows you to gain an Innate Ability (similar to the ToB Pocketplane spell) that gives you a choice to teleport to any map (you've been before). The waypoint list would naturally include all possible Strongholds, and even different points in a stronghold (for eg, Mage Stronghold has 2 points, 1 is the Apprentice Lab, the other is the entrance where you usually meet Teos)
  9. Hi, I was just wondering if someone might help with this little bit? Its the Looping Music Fix from the Core Fixes component. I used a Newly Restored Backup of ToB, from the following topic http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,17555.0.html From the .DEBUG file (Which I can email to anyone who wants to look at the whole file) No Mods were installed prior to installing the BG2 Fixpack. I reason this could be because my ToB Patch didn't stick. Its downloaded but it simply can't detect my BG2 Installation. This is probably because I never could officially install the game, its actually a copy of BG2 copied over from another computer, so maybe I need to go somehow get my BG2 directory created / altered in my Windows Registry? Any idea where to look? PS : I actually managed to "bypass" this problem by commenting out the entire code for the Fixpack on the looping music files. I could probably do an "invisible installation" of that component by copying that code into a separate .EXE .TP2, running the installation and then removing the TP2 as well as the WeiDU log entry. Would that work, assuming the files actually exist on the CHITIN.KEY ? (That's assuming I don't ever have to uninstall Core Fixes, if I need to then I'll need to transfer all the Backup Files to the correct directory... which it should already be in anyway)
  10. Wow that's pretty high praise o.O Thank you. I always thought piddling with these stuff was basically child's play to people who do awesome WeiDU ninja work.
  11. Yeah that's the one, thank you Kulyok! I was looking over the list of Tutorials at http://www.shsforums.net/topic/36781-compr...tutorial-index/ and couldn't find it Cmorgan : I fail to see anything really interesting about the tutorial, though.
  12. Purely curious, I was trying to find the Use and Abuse of Chain tutorial recently, and couldn't find it. Might anyone be able to link me? Thank you
  13. RELEASED - Spellhold Gauntlet v1.0 An extra apparition shows up in the area where you have a chance to pick up Imoen. It offers a simple alternative to the complicated puzzles and tests and levels that the Spellhold Maze offers - the Spellhold Gauntlet. The Spellhold Gauntlet is a series of trials meant to test your limits, both your mettle and your resource management. If you survive you probably have considerable focus of both mind and body. In this chamber you shall be in the centre of the room and be continuously set upon by waves of enemies, and you will receive tokens in return for defeating each wave. These tokens can be used in exchange for - opportunity to rest between waves - random items of varying power; if you wish to select unique items you will need to spend more tokens - your freedom to leave the Gauntlet and move on directly to Judgment - immediately leave the Gauntlet and move on to the riddles portion of the Spellhold Tests This mod aims to fulfill a few aims - provide a simple, accelerated route through Spellhold for players replaying it for the umpteenth time - provide items that most players feel are too good to miss in Spellhold - providing combative challenges to those who choose the harder waves - providing XP comparable to the original route, or even more, depending on the difficulty of the waves - providing an almost limitless stream of potential magic items (non-unique) for those who have the mettle to battle on in the Gauntlet Note that the longer you remain in the Gauntlet the more dangerous it will become, but the greater the rewards you have a chance of gleaning. Remember, plan your moves wisely and use your token resources well. You have been warned. EXTRA COMPONENT - Irenicus Waiting in Spellhold If you chose to come in by being incarcerated in Spellhold, the Coordinator will be waiting at the end of one of the halls for you, rather than you having to wait for him to arrive. EXTRA COMPONENT - Shortened Spellhold Cutscenes and Dream Irenicus' casts his spell on Imoen and yourself much faster, killing all the thieves at once. In the dream, Bhaal is found inside of candlekeep, and you are teleported directly to in front of the demon guarding the passageway in, saving time. LINKS Forums -Overview | Downloads
  14. When in doubt, just code word for word. I remember was Ghrey or JC who once commented, of the many completed mods, inside have some J# or whatever somewehre in the middle of it, heh.
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