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Enhanced Powergaming Scripts v7.0

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Official release for version 7.0 which brings the following enhancements:

  • All Games
    • Updated Mages and Sorcerers to ONLY attack if either Melf's Minute Missile or a ranged weapon is equipped. This does not effect multi/dual classed Mages.
    • French translation provided by JohnBob.
    • Fixed issue where imported characters would not cast spells.
    • Fixed issue with spells being cast in Wild/Dead Magic Areas when they shouldn't.
  • BG: EE, BG2: EE, and EET
    • Added compatibility with the 5e Spellcasting mod.
  • BG: EE
    • Added more mod compatibility to match BG2: EE and EET.

Project Page
Forum at G3
Readme: English

Readme: French
Download at G3
Download directly at GitHub

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