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Misery & Happiness


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Misery & Happiness


Sarrey & Anna


Sarevok age 12

Anna age 4


"I can't believe this! I'm getting beat by a baby!" Sarevok stared down at the chess board, unable to understand how he kept losing.


"I'm not a baby, I'm almost five."


"You just turned four." In response she picked up a pawn and threw it at him. He only laughed as he caught it. "Come on, do you want me to read you a story?" The little girl perked right up as she followed her big brother. When she couldn't keep up fast enough for him he picked her up, an easy feat considering how small she was. He was almost five foot five while poor Anna had barely cleared three feet. He worried often for his sister as she was small and very thin, he couldn't remember ever being that small.


Sarevok chose a small book out of the four books he had bought for Anna (all of which were about dragons). He tried daily to teach his little sister to read as they weren't sent to school, nor where they tutored like other children. In fact they weren't allowed to do much that other children did. Each time he asked his mother why she would only say there's no point.


Their mother showed indifference towards him but openly loathed Anna. Since the day she had been born, Alianna would only do the minimum to keep the child alive, not healthy just alive. He had been the one who had taken care of her. He had never been forced to take care of her, it always seemed natural to do so as she was his little sister, and if their mother wouldn't care, she needed someone who would. She needed someone to protect her as Alianna would hit the girl if Sarevok wasn't around to stop her.


He had often caught her talking to her friends how she had been happy to accept their Lord but hated that she had given birth to something as unnatural as a half-elf. This was the reason he supposed she hated Anna. He never understood anything else they talked about and would always get bored and find something else to do besides eavesdropping.


He didn't like his mother's friends, they always came dressed in robes and cowls of deep purple or black robes with violet streaks. His mother wore the same but with a red sash tied to her waist. Unlike her he never saw any of their faces as they wore black veils, making it seem there was no one inside.


Most days they played chess, Anna had picked up the game quite quickly, he was starting to regret teaching her as she almost always won, and he wasn't trying to let her win anymore. He always read to her, teaching her to read for herself and how to write. Something he had to learn to do himself, he loved teaching as she looked at him with utter adoration, as if he was the smartest boy alive. Then there were days they would mock fight with wooden swords he had bought on a whim, she was horrible at it and on some level he was happy that there was something she probably would never be good at.


Lately they hadn't been allowed out of the house. It was after he informed his mother that some strangers had tried to talk to Anna, one of which had been dressed in red robes with a pointy hat. There had been something about the old man that bothered him. Sarevok had walked over and told him to piss off and had taken her away from them. Alianna had cursed them calling them "Harpers" and insisted that he and Anna keep as far away as possible from them. For a second she gave the illusion she cared.


"Sarrey?" Anna voice brought him back from his thoughts.




"Why doesn't mommy like me?" It had been easy for him to stop caring for her but Anna was more gentle hearted than he was.


"You just have to learn to ignore her, Anna. Learn to called her Alianna instead of mommy or mom. She doesn't deserve to be called that. Don't worry it'll get easier after a while."


"But aerybody else's mom likes them and hugs them and gives them kissies. Is it my fault she don't like me? It's because I'm not like you isn't it?" He hugged her close and spoke slowly to her.


"It's not your fault, there's something wrong with Alianna. When you get older you'll have everyone liking you. Don't worry about her. And the word is everybody." She scowled at him for correcting her.


"But I'm not human, what if nobody likes me? Aeryone hates me, Josef told me so."


"Josef is a little brat, next time he says something like that to you tell me and I'll take care of it."


"You'll always be here to protect me right?"


"Don't be silly, Anna. Of course I will, after all I'm your big brother." He ruffled her black hair, messing it up though it hardly made a difference.


Sarevok pull his pillow over his face, smothering a curse, it was the third time this night that Anna's sleep talk had awaken him. He briefly entertained the thought of putting the pillow over her face. He laughed at himself knowing he would never hurt her. He knew he wouldn't get anymore sleep this night and decided he might be able to sneak out of the house.


He needed to pick up some more books, for himself and her. Today had been interesting as she had found a book of their mother's and had somehow cast a spell when she read from it. He had no knowledge or patience for magic but it interested her. She had bugged him nonstop for two hours until he agreed to find books to teach her about it.


He checked his small coin purse, hating the fact that there was so little. He would have to enter a pit fight again. The pit fights were run by some of the wealthier men of the city, they held them watching the boys fight and sometimes they would offer the winner some sort of job.


Lately a newcomer named Rieltar Anchev had taken interest in him. He was looking for a boy to foster and maybe become his heir. Sarevok was interested but he had said he would do it if he was allowed to bring his sister. Rieltar hadn't liked the idea and told him if he changed his mind he would be watching the fights.


He smiled at the thought of entering the fights, it was really the only thing he was good at. He always felt more alive when he was fighting, some days he didn't want to come back home, he just wanted to keep fighting. It bothered him that he liked the feel of blood on his hands, that sometimes he wanted to do more than just hurt his opponents, that sometimes he wanted to kill them. He quietly made his way to the stairs, eager to be out of the house when he heard voices.


"Why have you not brought the children to the temple?"


"Those blasted Harpers have been sniffing around, I can not risk having them take either of them."


"You should have brought them sooner."


"Yes yes I know."


"Watch your mouth, Alianna. I will not be disrespected."


"You dare say such to me, Amelyssan? I am not second to you. You are the High Matriarch and greatest Deathstalker of our Lord Murder's Bhaalist temple, but do not forget I am also High Matriarch and his greatest Archmage and have bore two of the Children. I have always known you are jealous of not receiving him. Be glad you did not have to bare a half elf. Disgusting creatures."


"You would dare question his wisdom? This is treachery as you well know."


"Oh do shut up Amelyssan. I am as faithful as you."


"Good, I will not tolerate traitors. There are those who are now turning against us since Bhaal has fallen, those who do not want to see him reborn."


"I am not such. I will perform the sacrifice of both my children, I care not for either of them, only for our Lord Bhaal."


Sarevok backed away from the stairs in horror, not wanting to hear anymore. His father was the god of murder, well the now dead god of murder. If that wasn't enough him and his sister where to be sacrifice to him. He pushed his mind away from the thoughts of his heritage and concentrate on the fact they had to get out of there.


As quietly as he could he made his way back to the room. He gathered up their meager possessions before shaking his sister awake. Her eyes opened slowly and she tried to hide under the blankets when she saw it was still dark out


"Anna get up, we're going..." Where were they going to go? "We're going to umm... find a dragon. Yeah a dragon." At the mention of dragons she sat right up, all traces of sleep gone.


"Dragons?" She smiled.


"Yes, come on. I need you to climb on my back and hold on. OK?" She nodded as he knelt down allowing her to ride piggy back. After making sure she wouldn't fall off, he opened the window, and climbed down the drain pipe. When he reached the ground he looked up to see his mother staring down at them. Not waiting to find out her reaction he took off running. They didn't get far before Anna screamed as she was yanked off his back. He turned seeing his mother holding her by her arm.


The arm that Alianna held her daughter by was twisted at an odd angle, causing the girl to cry and scream. She looked forward to killing the girl and she would kill her in the traditional ritual, making the girl's death violent and painful.


Her thoughts were interrupted however as her son's fist collided with her face, there was a sickening sound of bone cracking as the blow knocked her down. The little girl nudged her mother's body with her foot. When she didn't move she ran to her brother and he picked her up in his arms.


"My arm hurts, Sarrey."


"Don't worry, everything will be fine."


"But what if she gets up again? I don't want to be hurt again." He took her a few paces away from their mother and put her down.


"Stay right and don't turn around ok?" She nodded. He walked over to his mother and stared down and felt nothing towards her. A glance over the shoulder confirmed that Anna wasn't watching, he didn't want her to see what he was about to do. He took his mother's head in his hands just as her eyes started to open, staring into her black eyes he wrenched her head to the side, enjoying the satisfying crack as her neck broke. He walked back to his sister and picked her up again.


"Sarrey. we're not going to see a dragon are we?" He just looked at her. After running away from home in the dead of the night and seeing her punched, the only thing she could think of were dragons. He started to laugh, leaving his little sister with a puzzled look on her face.






Within a week of escaping, Sarevok was losing all hope. His sister's arm had been broken by their mother and had developed an infection from it. A fever ravaged her body, her eyes no longer saw him and she no longer responded to anything he said. It was when they had stopped that they had been found by the Bhaalists. They didn't stand a chance against the cowled members as they quickly overpowered him.


That was why he was currently chained to a wall, awaiting to be sacrificed to Bhaal's glory as one of the members had put it. They hadn't bothered with Anna, they had just put her in the same room leaving her on the floor as she was barely conscious anymore. The only sign she was even alive was that her eyes would move every so often and would blink.


"Anna, get up, come on get up! You get now." No matter how much he talked to her she would only stare back at him. Her mouth moved as she did try to say something to him, only thing he could heard was his own name.


"Gorion there is no time, we must leave!" He heard a man yell from some where in the temple. Sarevok struggled as a figure in robes entered the room they were in and came over to him, one of his kicks landed a blow on the person's knees, letting him hear a satisfying grunt.


"Stop it, I'm not here to hurt you." The figure said as they pushed back their cowl, under it was a middle aged man, who smiled kindly at him.


"How can I trust you old man?"


"I'm not a follower of Bhaal, my name is Gorion and I'm trying to save you." Sarevok watched him as he pulled out a ring of keys and tried to find the right one to free him from his chains. After a few minutes both of them started to lose hope that he would be freed. Another figure appeared in the doorway as he tried yet another key.


"There is no more time, Gorion! We had to get out of here."


"Just a little more time I thi-" The figure grabbed Gorion's arm yanking him away.


"There is no more time! Grab the girl and let's go."


"I'm sorry child." He bent down and picked Anna up and had to uncurl her fingers from the cuff of Sarevok's pants. Anna went wild in his arms and started to scream as she was taken away from her brother.


"NO! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!" Sarevok yelled after them.




Gorion started down at his ward. It had been six months since he had rescued her and left the boy behind. He still felt guilty for not being able to save the boy, he didn't think he'd ever forget the sound of the boy's scream as they had fled from that accursed place.


When he had found the girl she was very sick and had almost died on him. After weeks of suffering from a fever, her mind had been affected and she couldn't remember any personal details of herself, save her name. Maybe it was for the best really, he could raise her the way he saw best and hopefully keep the prophecy from coming true. She was a bright child, she could read the only draw back was she seemed to be obsessed with dragons.


His ward was name Annalesca, Anni for short. At first he had called her Anna but she reacted badly to the name. She told him that someone named Sarrey called her that but when he questioned her about it she would start crying and become hysterical. At night he could hear her call this person's name over and over again. He guessed that it had been the boy he was forced to leave behind. He could only hope that he could make the child happy and be at the very least a father figure, it was the least he could do for her.




Anni age 10

Sarevok age 18


Sarevok couldn't believe his luck. He had come to CandleKeep to research Alaundo's prophecies and to find further information of his father's legacy. Not only had he found what he was looking for but he found that old man who left him to die. If Gorion was here maybe, just maybe Anna was here. When he had first seen the old man he had wanted to kill him on the spot, but had held back only because he needed access to the libraries of Candlekeep. He doubted he would get much reading done if there were guards bothering him every ten seconds.



"Leave me alone!" Anni cried as one of the kids pushed her. There were six of them, mostly girls who would start with her almost everyday, each of the girls were human and taller than her. They picked on her for her height, the way she looked, the fact she wasn't from money like them and that she was a half elf. She didn't bother defending herself she didn't see the point as when she would fight back she always ended up even more hurt. She fell to the ground and curled into herself as they kicked her. She suffered their blows and taunts in silence and waited until they got bored and left her alone. She was sore when she finally made her way to the stables and laid down on a pile of hay. She hated living in Candlekeep some days, if everyone would just leave her alone she would be happy.


"Are you ok?" She looked up at the owner of the voice. Anni stared up at the speaker and could only stare. The person was the biggest man she had ever seen, his skin was a bronze color and his head was shaved, but it was his eyes that bothered her. They were amber in color and somehow she felt that she knew them.


"Yeah, I'm fine. Wow, you're really tall, how tall are?" Sarevok chuckled as he sat down in front of her.


"I passed two meters this year."


"Wow, I wish I would get that tall, Karan told me I probably won't get much taller since I'm a half-elf. I hate being short." She pouted. After a moment of staring at him she reached out and touched his forehead, her fingers tracing over his new tattoo. "Why do I feel that I know you?"


"You don't know who I am?" She flinched at the coldness in his voice and for some reason she couldn't name she felt tears gather in her eyes.


"I'm sorry, I can't remember anything before I came to live with Gorion." She stared at him as he got up to leave. It hurt her that he didn't answer her, so she picked up a rock and chucked it at his head before it could hit he turned and caught it.


"You always throw stuff when you didn't get your way Annalesca."


"Hey how'd you know my name?" She ran up to him and grabbed his hand. "You do know me! Please talk to me." She stared up at him and watched him look beyond her, his head slightly turned as if listening to someone she couldn't see... someone inside of him."You...you hear him too don't you?" She whispered.


"Hear who?"


"The man. He wants me to do bad things. He talks to me every time I get picked on and when I'm around Gorion."


"What exactly does he tell you?" She shook her head.


"Not until you tell me your name!" He looked away from her and sighed. She wanted him to answer her, she had never been able to tell anyone about the man who talked to her as she was scared that they would all think she was crazy.


"Koveras." She wrinkled her nose, that wasn't the name she was expecting, though she couldn't think of what name she had been.


"He says I'm his favorite child, that I'll be his heir and that I'm the most powerful. I don't understand any of it. I don't even know who he is, he never tells me his name and he... he scares me." He knelt down in front of her and stared into her eyes.


"Tell me this, are you planning to take what he offers?"


"Why would I? Besides from other kids not liking me I have a perfectly good life. Gorion is the only family I need. I don't want some stranger's power."


"Remember your words, the power belongs to me not you."


"You can have it. I just want to be a really really powerful mage with no help from anybody. I want to be so good at it that even a Red Wizard would be jealous."


"A Red Wizard of Thay?"


"Yep, there was one that came here one time, he was so cute and funny. I want one of my own someday." She smiled brightly. She opened her mouth to say more but stopped when a man in black mage robes entered the stables.


"Where have you been boy? It's time to leave already, your father is getting impatience."


"Forgive me Teacher Perorate." Sarevok stared at his teacher for a moment before following him outside.


"Wait, are you going to come back sometime?" Anni called after him and was pleased when he nodded. She wanted to talk more to Koveras, she was happy that she found someone she could talk to about the voice someone who would understand. She couldn't wait for the next time she saw him.





Anni age 22

Koveras : cough : Sarevok : cough : age 30


Anni smiled fondly at Karan as she entered the inner library of her former home. She wished that she had come home to stay but she wasn't here to rest. She had come to spy on the leaders of the Iron Throne. Karan talked as he talked as he always did, at a length and in a very roundabout way. She had always found herself falling asleep whenever he had tutored her in the past.


"Wait Karan did you just say Koveras is here?"


"Yes do you know him, my child, he is very odd."


"I met him once a long time ago. I'll go see him, thanks." She smiled. She looked towards her traveling companions, Khalid and Jaheira where talking with Tethtoril while Minsc was standing guard over Dynaheir as she looked over a book. Anni turned just in time to see Imoen leading Edwin over to a section of books, Imoen winked at her as she led the Red Wizard away. -Oh gods she's not really taking him there is she?- She stared as she realized Imoen was taking him over to the more... "interesting" books. She shook her head as she bound up the stairs to the second floor, she was eager to see Koveras again. It had been twelve years since she had met him but she couldn't forget about him for some reason.


When she got to the second floor she could hear his low deep voice echoing as he recited one of the prophecies that Alaundo had written. She followed the voice until she found him in one of the side rooms. She found him holding one of the older texts, his hand hovering just above the paper, his eyes closed as he spoke the words by heart. The words he spoke were about the children of Bhaal, a child like herself.


"You know when I asked if you were going to come back, I didn't mean in twelve years Koveras." She smiled at him but the smiled faded as she saw his eyes. They were brighter than she remembered, almost glowing in the ill lit room. She stared up at him as he stood to his full height and back away from the look on his face.


"I had no reason to return until I realized you, despite your words, were after our father's power." As she looked at him an image of him in ugly spiky armor appeared in her head.


"No, you can't be... you killed... no... not you...did you?"


"That old meddlesome Harper, your beloved Gorion." She backed away from him, immediately starting to cast a spell. Before she could utter the second word of the spell his hand was around her throat, lifting her off the ground. "Did you think I would allow you to finish that? Such a silly little girl." He shook her as and laughed as she clawed at his hand. "Did you think you could take what is mine? I am Bhaal's true heir while you are nothing." He tossed her aside smiling as she hit the wall and walked out. He had others to take care of first. After all there wasn't much she could do against him. He smiled as he thought of Rieltar's death.




Anni still 22

Sarevok dead.


Anni stared at the stone marker in front of her, there had been much protesting on the part of Imoen, Khalid and Jaheira, but she had this grave stone made for him anyhow. It was a simple marker with only the words,


"Here rests the memory of Sarevok. Proud warrior and loving brother. May he find the peace he never had in life."


He really wasn't buried there, his body had turned to dust after he had died. She had only a few things of his to remember him by now, his diary, his sword and a ring of protection. She had realized that the ring had been made for her as he mentioned it in his diary and it fit her perfectly. His diary was disturbing to say the least, some entries where coherent and others seemed to be written by some other person. She looked at one of the entries made on the day they were reunited twelve years ago.


"I have found her at long last. I didn't think I would ever see my little sister again. As I write this I am both happy and sad. She is a happy child aside from the bullying of children. She looks at Gorion as if he was the world to her. It was how she looked at me a long time ago... Anna doesn't remember me. She stared at me with stranger's eyes, it was not the reunion I had dreamed of. If that wasn't bad enough, she hears our Father. She told me he tells her she will be his heir while Father tells me she is lying. I don't know who to believe, Father has been there guiding me for these last ten years while Anna is my little sister. Who can I trust? I don't know if I can trust her anymore as I was so unimportant to her that she forgot me. I will watch her. Should she become a threat to my plans, I will have to deal with her.And on a side note, why the hell did I say my name was Koveras? Gods, I am a moron sometimes"


She found out that Anchev was a cruel bastard towards Sarevok and he suffered daily but survived. She realized that after they had been parted the only thing that kept him going as a child was the hope of seeing her again. He was always alone and almost always in pain. The only person who seemed to care for him was his tutor Winski Perorate, but in the end Sarevok believed he was plotting against him.


Towards the end he was paranoid, seeing plots against himself that weren't there. He trusted no one, not even the woman he loved, Tamoko. He became obsessed with the idea of being the Lord of Murder. He wrote endlessly of his father's promises, his lust for blood and how he would make the world run red. Bhaal drove him insane, reminding him of his weaknesses over and over again. In the end all he wanted was to make his father proud.


And now she had invited Bhaal inside, she had used his power and had enjoyed it. How long before she became like her brother? How long until she only lived to make her father proud? Anni touched her fingers to her lips and touched the stone before walking away. "Find peace, Sarrey. Remember that I will always love you, no matter how you are, you'll always be my big brother."

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Chapter 1: A Letter to Father


"Dear Father,


I miss you terribly. Imoen would probably laugh if she knew I was writing this, with you being dead and all. But this gives me some comfort. I can almost feel your presence as I write this. It has been a while since I wrote. I think the last time I wrote you was right before the battle with my brother, Sarevok. Did you know he was my brother? Or a better question, did you know that I was a child of Bhaal all my life or only right before we left? I wish you had told me. I regret everything that has happen since we left home. Do you remember Khalid? He has been killed. No I skip ahead. Let me start from my last letter.


I defeated Sarevok with the help of Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira, Khalid and Edwin. After the battle was finished, I fell to the ground and wept. I cried for Sarevok. Your killer. I could only think that if he wasn't a child of Bhaal he might have had a good life. What if I had been in his place, would I have been the same way? I don’t know. I blame Bhaal for all this. Not any of the children. It is a curse and some of us cannot hold out for long against it. I just knelt in the cooling blood and cried. I think Imoen understood why I was crying and dried my tears and took me out of that forsaken place.


Several days later Edwin took off without a word, just like the ungrateful bastard he is. Jaheira and Khalid were called away by the Harpers and Minsc went home to bury Dynaheir. It was maybe a few weeks later people started to wonder about my blood line, wondering if I shared the same cursed blood as Sarevok. It's amazing how people will be praising you one second and the next trying to kill you. Imoen and I left Baldur's Gate and we decided to travel. I made sure to leave word for everyone, just in case any of them needed me.


It was then we were set upon by thieves or maybe it was bandits, either way they took Imoen and me. When I awoke, I was locked in a cage, staring up a man . . . I'm sorry the scars in my mind are still too fresh. Let's just say that *man* tortured me, all the time saying something about unlocking my powers. He did *things* to me for more than two months from what I can tell. The scars are healed on my body but how long until the ones on my mind are?


Anyhow Imoen helped me escaped and we found Jaheira and Minsc in Irenicus' dungeon. Oh! Did I meantion the man's name is Jon Irenicus? Why does he wants me to have my power I do not know, nor do I care.All I know is I *will* pay him back for the damage he has done! But, oh Father, some days I just don’t know if I will be able to handle killing more people! It haunts my mind what I want to do to him.


I won’t tell you, I doubt you would like it.


I mentioned earlier about losing Khalid? Well, it was this man who killed him. Poor Khalid, I cared for him like a brother. It was always fun to walk up behind him and go "Boo!" and watch him jump. He never got angry at me when I did it either. He would just turn and scold me for being a scamp, but you could see the affection in his eyes when he did it. He was with the others when they came looking for me, but he never made it out again. When we finally escaped Irenicus' dungeon, we found ourselves in Athkatla. It was there that, in an effort to stop Irenicus Imoen used magic against him, which caused a large amount of destruction in a portion of the city.


Then some blasted fools called the Cowled Wizards (Cowlies for short) showed up and took both of them away! Imoen was only trying to defend us but they wouldn't listen!


I haven't found where they took both of them. I *refuse* to lose Imoen. I will get her back. I write this while we rest for the night. We are in some place called Windspear Hills. We set up camp for the night. Oh, I did not tell you, I now travel with new people. Minsc (and Boo) and Jaheira are still with me and I ran into that slime Edwin and he is with us again. He was working with a thieves’ guild and you should have heard him. “Do this, kill this.†Dad, I think he’s even more arrogant than I remembered if that’s possible. Your good friend Jaheira is even more somber than before.


I can tell that losing Khalid has hurt her beyond what I would have ever thought. She was always so mean to him but she really loved him. I wish there was something I could do. Hey if you see his ghost can you tell him to go visit her or something? Minsc still talks to Boo, I’m really starting to wonder if he isn’t just a normal hamster. Minsc has proclaimed me his witch and has vowed to protect me from harm. He’s sweet, if only he wasn’t... not normal . . .


I met an interesting fellow of sorts, his name is Haer'Dalis, he's a Tiefling. He's from another plane. I never imaged I would ever get to met someone else from another plane! He's not such a great bard, he’s horrible... He's always calling me Raven. He told me the bird fit me. He's a flirt too. He's not serious about it though, he knows it makes me laugh. There are times I am grateful to have him around and other times I wish I could just cast a silence spell on him...


There is one other that travels with us, his name is Anomen Delryn. He is such a stuck up... thing sometimes, other times he is sweet. I'm starting to wonder if he's trying to woo me. It's the funniest thing, father. And Edwin gets all mad at him. Edwin is the same as always but he has been asking me questions now. The other day he yelled at me about walking the path of good, saying that all heros end up dead and I do not deserve to die. This is the first time I've seen Edwin show any kind of feelings towards anyone but himself.


I will stop here, father. The hour is late and I grow tired. Did I mention Boo likes me? He's soo cute. I kept a pouch of seeds for him to eat on me.


Good night Father.


With All my love,



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Chapter 2: Campfire Talk


"What is it now!? You idiotic bard.(If he sings one more song, I'll ram a fireball down his throat)." Edwin yelled as Haer Dalis' approached him.


"Ah, my cardinal, do you suffer out here? If you get any closer to the fire you might as well sit in it." Haer Dalis' laughed as he sat down a good distance away from the wizard.


"In the middle of nowhere, freezing our arses off, helping people *again.* I will not suffer this much longer!"


"Then go back to Thay, wizard. There is more than enough people here to help with the Lady's quest." Edwin's eyes narrowed as Anomen joined him by the fire.


"Her name is Anni, not lady. She is far from being a lady." Speaking of which Edwin did not see her anywhere in the camp. ~Where did that girl go this time?~


Minsc was asleep with that infernal rat sleeping on top of him. Jaheira also was asleep, twitching in her sleep, no doubt dreaming of that pathetic fool Khalid.

Edwin stood wanting to get away from these annoying simians, he was not going to look for Anni(No he could care less about her). He walked into the woods away from the warmth of the fire. For the life of him he couldn't understand why he was out here.


He stopped as he heard muted crying. Sitting on a rock in front of a stream was Anni. Her small frame was shaking, her very long almost black hair hung down in the water. He could tell her robe now had mud stains on it. She were a red robe which wasn't unlike his own Thayvian colors. When he had first met her so long ago he at first though she was a Red Wizard, but latter found out that she only wore red because she liked it. He walked behind her and stared down at her.


"What are you sniveling about now girl?" Anni tilted her head back and looked at him.


"Ah it's my hero, Edwin. Come to take me from this place O knight of my heart?" She replied in a tone that was almost equal to his.


"Yes, yes I have nothing better to do than to watch over a child."


"You know I'm not a child. You're just jealous I look better." She turned back to the water. Edwin shook his head in disgust for seeking her out. As he walked away her voice called out to him. "Edwin? Can I ask you something?"


"What?" ~She must want my advice, knowing me very wise.~


"Do you ever get tired of it?"


"Of what?"


"I know that you're a Thay wizard and the reputation they have, but do you ever get tired of having to live up to it?"


Edwin's eyebrow arched, this wasn't what he had be expecting.

"Of course not. I am proud of my heritage and proud to be a Red wizard."


"Oh." He started back again. "Don't you want to know why I ask?"


"It seems you will not let this go until I heard you out. Then speak girl.(Hurry up, I want to get back to the blasted fire.)"


"I'm sorry Edwin. I thought you might understand. I can't talk to anyone else about it. I haven't been able to look Jaheira in the eyes since we found Khalid and well Minsc is Minsc, he's really nice but he wouldn't understand. And I don't know the others that well. I thought you might understand since you were there when I killed Sarevok."


"You could try the patience of a Lich, what is the point?"


"You know what I am. I don't want end up as fuel or heir to Bhaal's throne, I have to be good but I grow tired of it all Edwin. I grow so tired of being good. Some days I want to... to... Oh never mind" When she went to stand she found that his hands where on her shoulders. He knelt behind her, he was still taller than her but his mouth was by her ear.


"No this is getting interesting. You will finish." His breath ticked her ear but she didn't move away, this was the closest she had ever been to Edwin, well not counting the times one of them were knocked out.


"I'm tired of having to prove I'm not like Sarevok. I want to give up some days."


"You have power in you, use it to make people respect you."


"No, the last time I used the power, I... I wanted to destroy everything."


"What comes of always being good? Do you realize heros only have an expected lifespan of two years or less? Is that what you want? To die for people who won't remember you or your good deeds?" He sneered.


"Gorion always taught me-"


"Gorion is dead. Forget his teachings for they will only result in your own death."


"Gorion died protecting me. All I bring is death, to everyone."


"Why fight it then? You are the child of Bhaal after all." Anni tried to turn on him to yell at him or maybe to cast a fireball at him, but he held her with his hands on her shoulders. When she turned her head it only put his lips closer to hers.


"You want to know? Fine. When I fought Sarevok, I felt the rage, I embraced it. I killed him with my own hands, not with my magic. I'm a mage for crying out loud not a warrior. After I killed him I could feel Bhaal's power and I wanted to kill everyone. Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira even Minsc. I won't turn on the people I care for."


"I notice you left me out. Is that because you didn't want to kill me or because killing me won't bother you?"


"Edwin could you back up a little?"


"No." If anything he seemed to get closer to her. She could feel his warmth warming her now. She looked him in the eyes noticing for the first time how black they were. She studied his face, with his nose ring with the chain that attached to his earing, the ring in his eye brow and how he had three rings on either side of his moustache. She noticed for the first time traveling with him that he was handsome.


"I didn't think you would care one way or the other if someone cared about killing you. You certainly don't care if people know you want to kill them." She looked at him with wide eyes, hoping he didn't notice she was actually looking at him instead of just looking.


"How every true. But that is what people expect. Now answer my question girl."


"I wanted to kill everyone in that room. Including you. Some days I want to kill you even without the power's influence on me." Anni stared at him and noticed his lips twitching. "Edwin are you about to smile? I think I might faint from sheer shock."


He didn't answer her only narrowed his eyes and walked away. She swore she hear him muttering.


"One day... one day" She didn't catch the rest.

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Chapter 3: Waiting in the Windspear Hills


Anomen stared at the woman who was fixing his wounds, admiring her skill. A few hours ago they finally found the ogres that Lord Jierdan Firkraag had asked them to take care of them. After they killed the ogres they realized too late that the ogres were really people, Knights of the Radiant Heart to be exact. Among the fallen was a knight named Ajantis, who Anomen had been friends with.


Ajantis had always told him of a woman named Anni and how noble she was but until that moment he had never made the connection. A man Garren had witnessed the battle and offered to help them. So they were saying in his cabin with his son. Garren was expected to be gone for at least a week which left them with nothing to do except wait.


Anomen looked around the room, Jaheira was asleep in the corner, from what he was told she had lost her husband recently and rarely talked and was always the first one to sleep. Minsc was a strange fellow with his hamster. He always talked to it and such. Haer’Dalis who was supposed to be a bard but Anomen was starting to wonder if bard meant "overly annoying and horrible poet" on his home plane. Edwin was yet again writing in his spell book. Anomen throughly disliked the wizard, he was arrogant, annoying and overbearing. Who could stand a person like that?


Then there was Anni, the woman who was tending to him. She was quiet pleasing to the eye and quiet as a woman should be. As far as he could tell she was just a cleric, but it was hinted she was also a mage though he had never seen her use one offensive spell. He had heard many things about her, many of which after seeing her, he couldn't believe.


This small woman was the champion who defeated Sarevok? Maybe one of her companions but she seemed too timid, too sweet to do something like that, for the lady didn't hurt anyone, not even the monsters they came across. She always stayed back casting spells to heal them or help them, once or twice she had used a spell to hinder the enemy but nothing that would hurt them.


"I prithee, my lady...it fills me with no small amount of wonder that you have not asked me of my journeys ere we met? We have traveled a short while, and yet we know next to nothing of each other." Anomen looked at Anni as he spoke.


"Prithee? Did you get that from a story book, Anomen? Along with that horrid accent of yours?" Edwin taunted from his seat.


"Unless you answer to my lady, I suggest you say out of this wizard."


"Just ignore Edwin. Please tell me about yourself." Anni smiled at him. Meanwhile Edwin glared at both of them.


"There is precious little to tell, although my few adventures have been glorious, indeed. The path to knighthood is a long one, however...hence the need for my travels. But a few of my deeds have reached the ears of bards. Battle is commonplace enough throughout Amn, and the Order has fielded its army many times in recent years. Most recently, however...let me think...I was with our men when the orcs came down into the Ommlur Hills once again. In great numbers, they are a force to fear...but individually, they are no match for a warrior. I, myself, was able to fight through many of them alone and take the head of one of their foul chieftans."


"If you believe that there's a bridge in Thay I can sell you Anni." Edwin remarked as he wrote in his spell book.


"You dare impeach my honor, wizard!? I'll have you know-" Anni grabbed his arm making him sit down.


"Ignore him, Anomen. Edwin picks on everyone." He settled himself, ashamed of his outburst in front of a lady.


"I honestly don't see why you keep him around, what good is a wizard?" He remarked as she bandaged his bleeding wound. At his remark Anni tightened the bandage with a vicious tug. "What was that for?"


"In case you didn't know Anomen, I am a mage like Edwin. As was my father."


"I spoke rashly my lady. I did not know you were a mage. I have only seen you use a cleric's brand of spells."


"Sadly, I haven't been able to use any offensive spells since Irenicus' torture."


"I am sorry to bring up such a sore topic, my lady."


"Anomen, you do know my name is Anni don't you?"


"Of course."


Several minutes went by as she put away her supplies as he watched her.


"I understand that Gorion was only your foster father and you were every close to him."


"Who told you this?"


"Jaheira was telling me the other day how like him you are."


Anni shot a dirty look over at the sleeping druid. "Yes, I was. I wanted nothing more when I was growing up than to be like him. I always imaged living the rest of my days in Candlekeep. I loved nothing more than to pour over the old tomes at night. There were some nights I'd fall asleep in the library and my father would chastise me the next day but he would be laughing as he did it."


"Were you ever planing to leave?"


"I did want to leave for a while, just to find a husband but otherwise I was happy there. Then one day out of the blue Father got a letter and suddenly he was saying we had to leave that night. We fled home and it was that night Sarevok murdered him."


"I am sorry for your loss." Anomen caressed her check, comforting her when he saw tears shining in her eyes. "I do not mean to pry farther but I have an urge to ask. I have heard that his Sarevok was your brother."


She thought for a moment, thinking of the best way to phrase her words. ""He was my brother. I was very young when we were separated, and I didn't remember him until long after he murdered Gorion."


"You speak carefully of him, is it because you have been accused of having some sort of relation to the dead god of murder? The one named Bhaal?"


~I am so killing Jaheira...~ Anni glared again at the druid who twitched in her sleep. "Might as well tell you. Sarevok and myself are children of Bhaal. Bhaal created many children before his death, it was thought that the strongest, the last one to live would become the next god of murder but we're nothing but fuel. Fuel to allow him to be reborn."


"I have heard such. I was surprised when I met you that you have maintained an honorable existence. I...I cannot imagine what dark impulses your heritage must fill you with.." A across the table Edwin snorted.


"Oh I can think of a few, like murdering a certain Red Wizard, then going to Thay and making sure there are no more like him produced." She smiled sweetly. "But honestly, Anomen, I'm just a normal girl. I have my moments but I do what I must."


"I can't help to think of this man Sarevok, he shared the same blood and possessed great power which he used for evil and yet you have been able to maintain the higher road and saved the north from great chaos and destruction. Your blood must call to you in some manner. How do you maintain your sense of good under such conditions? Do you see this as a test of your own, my lady?"


"I do what I have to."


"Ah. You have given me much to think of."


"Well, now if you will excuse me, I need to make sure everyone is ok. Especially Edwin, he will never admit to being wounded. I swear he could drive a saint to drink."


"Why do you keep him around? It's obvious you two dislike each other."


"Well, Edwin is a very powerful wizard for one and I don't think he has any friends but us." She looked at Edwin and lowered her voice so only Anomen could hear. "I think Edwin didn't have many friends growing up. He doesn't know how to act with people, I think he still expects us to screw him over. He's mean to everyone. But I know he enjoys when I talk right back to him. Plus I've grown fond of him, like some rare disease that you would miss if it suddenly cleared up." She smiled and walked away.


"And what do you want, *My lady*?" Edwin asked as she approached.


"We can do this the hard way or... what am I saying it's always the hard way with you. Let's go." She tugged on his sleeve making him follow her. She opened the door to one of the rooms that Garren had let them use. She pulled him inside and closed the door and then pushed him down sitting on the bed.


"If you want me, you only have to ask, *my lady*" Anni knew well enough the sneer on his face was really his secrete way of smiling.


"Very funny. As if I would ever welcome a Thayvian male in my bed. It's all claptrap about the prowess of the Thayvian men."


"Maybe lesser men, but not of me. There is none better skilled in the erotic arts than I."


"Yes, yes. I heard you got lessons from Elminster." Edwin went red in the face but before he could say anything she covered his mouth. "Be quiet or I'll use the medicine that stings."


She smiled as she sat down next to him and opened her supply kit. "Now if you would be so nice as to open your robe. I know you have a wound on your chest. I was going to wait and see how long until you asked for my help but you are very stubborn."


She smiled sweetly at him. After a few minutes he grudgingly opened the front of his robe, revealing him from neck to stomach. There were two bloody cuts, one high on his chest where it meets the neck and the other by his navel. She was quiet as she cleaned both wounds, making sure there was no dirt or anything that could cause infection. She then put her hand over the lower wound and muttered the incantation for healing, her hand glowed for a moment and when she took her hand away his skin was closed and slightly pinkish. She did the same with the other wound as she pulled away his necklace came into view. It was a rainbow obsidian gem that was in the shape of a teardrop. She had seen pictures of the rare stone but had never seen one that had a mix of red and gold.


"It is a memento of Thay. My family's stone."


"It's very pretty, Edwin. Can have it?"


"No. I would prefer if you would take your simian paws off of it."


She ignored him. "Do you miss them or Thay?"


"I do not see how that is any of your business."


Anni just looked at him, her eyes narrowing. "Come to think of it where did you disappear to do after we saved Baldur's Gate?"


"Again I do not see how that is any of your business."


"But at any rate I'm glad that you left when you did."


"Are you?" He was looking at her as she bit her lip, he wondered if she realized that her hand was still on his chest.


"If you had left with me and Imoen, Irenicus would have taken you too. Somehow I don't think that someone as proud as you could stand what he did."


"I will tell you where I was if you tell me why you refuse to cast any magic besides healing spells. At this rate we'll end up dead because you will not cast some much as a magic missile spell."


"It's because of Irenicus. He would cast different spells on me, testing my resistance, my ability to survive. Seeing how must damage I could take. How quick I was to anger, to disgust, to shame." She swallowed and rubbed her arms. "If he wasn't doing that, him with those knives, I'll have scars from him to my dying day now."


"Ah, so that is your excuse? So you'll let him win and in the process get yourself and most importantly myself killed? And where exactly are these scars?"


Anni's head whipped up and she looked at him. "If you're so worried about dying then leave Edwin, no one is going to stop you. I for one would be happy to have one less person to worry about. I can't seem to get rid of anyone! People just seem to always want to travel with me." She sneered. "As soon as I get Imoen back and kill Irenicus, it's over." She made to leave the room but Edwin grabbed her arm causing her to fall against him. She braced herself against his chest and looked up at him.


"Edwin, what are you doing?"


"I-" Whatever he was going to say was cut off as there was sounds of fighting coming from the main room. She pushed off of him and ran.

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Chapter 4 - Owwww...


"A red dragon... a real red blood dragon. I can't believe this... Why me? Oh wait that's right, the gods think my life is one big joke, that's why..." Anni mumbled as she stared up at Lord Jierdan Firkraag, a.k.a huge red dragon.


"Welcome. You have come as I wanted. It has been an interesting game, but to tell the truth, I tire of it." It spoke.


"You're a dragon." She replied dumbly.


"And they say children aren't smart."


"If you'll excuse me I've never seen a real dragon. I really don't know anything to say. Why are you doing this to us? Why frame us?"


"For my amusement, for my curiosity, and for my memory of transgressions long since past. All of this spurred me on, but I grow bored with you."


"Oh, well I guess with the long life of a dragon, you tend to do it all. But why me?"


"I must confess your fathers held some interest. Your lineage crosses the mortal and spiritual, and both concern me somewhat."


"Wait, are you that red dragon Gorion faced?"


"Quite. He is beyond my revenge, being dead as he is, so I settled for the next best thing. I can torment his spirit by destroying you. Wherever he is, he is seething."


"Can I interrupt your tirade with just one request?"


The dragon sighed. "Speak."


"Well as seeing we might come to blows and I'll probably never see another dragon. Could I touch you?" She looked at the dragon with shining eyes.


"Humph. Fine."


"Sweet!" She approached the dragon slowly, her hand reaching out tentatively touching the cool scales. "Please continue, I'll listen, just want to touch, pretty dragon." The dragon sighed again.


"You are bold, girl."


"Hey, it's not everyday that you see a dragon. Now you were saying something about my fathers?"


"Ah yes. You are a child of Bhaal. What an interesting subject to study, or so I thought. Really, you are not so different, despite your little personal struggles. What will be interesting is your conflict with Jon Irenicus. That is something I would very much like to see. So I leave you your life. Do with it what you will."


"What do you know of Irenicus? Are you in league with him?"


"I have no interest in him, it is your confrontation with him that will be most interesting to see. For now, you bore me. I will taunt you no more. This has been such sport that I bear you no ill will. You may go."


"Unfortunately, as much as a dragon might fascinate me. I'm afraid I will not allow you to continue your terrorizing activities." The dragon moved it's head really looking at what she was doing and realize she had worked her hand under a scale.


Before he could stop her she uttered the final incantation to a chain lighting spell. The dragon roared as the lighting ricocheted inside it's own body. It's tail connected with her body sending her flying as her companions attacked the dying creature.




From the journal of Jaheira.


"When one is traveling with Anni the wonders never cease. As we waited for Garren, a group of bandits descended upon us, taking Garren's son and leaving a message to meet Firkraag in the northeast. No matter how much Anni may protest of growing tired of being good, she is always the first one to do the right thing. We fought our way through hobgoblins, orogs and creatures I don't remember the name for. We found Garren's son and he informed us that Firkraag was below. We descended into the cavern and was met with Firkraag's true form. A red dragon. Garren's son could have warned us. Most of us couldn't move, we were too stun/scared/on the brink of fainting.


But not Anni. Gorion raised her well but sometimes I wonder if he ever taught her any common sense. She walked up to the dragon as he talked. I watched her place her hand on his leg as she talked with him. As the two of them talked she rubbed the scales on it's leg, I truly had no idea what she was doing until the dragon screamed. She had dug her hand under his scales and release a chain lighting spell inside of the dragon.


The scales normal protected a dragon from magic but in this case it kept the magic inside as it bounced off of it's internal organs. After a second we went into action, attacking the dragon. The dragon screamed in it's thrashing it's tail knocked Anni clear across the cavern and into the hard stone. At the time I had eyes for the dragon and didn't noticed that Anni didn't get up. When the dragon fell as it died (almost on top of Edwin I might add, which sadly he moved out of the way) I turned to Anni. She hadn't moved and the stone behind was covered in blood. She always wore a red robe with purple in it, but all that could be seen was red."

End of entry




Haer’Dalis was the first one to Anni's side. He reached out to her unable to see her breathing. His hand searched for a pulse on her wrist but could find none. He looked up as Jaheira approached with wide eyes. "Jaheira, I'm sorry she g-"


"No, you lie!" She knelt by the girl's side. "No she is not dead yet. Her body will turn to dust when she is truly dead." Jaheira gently cradled Anni. "Help me move her."Haer’Dalis took her lower body as Jaheira laid her on the ground. "I'm out of magic, Anomen do you have any left?"


"Yes yes. Here let me." Anomen laid his hands on Anni and cast Heal on her. At first there was no response, then she coughed, more blood splattering against her lips. She cracked open her eyes and moaned.


"Owwww... Did it work?" She whispered. Jaheira half cried half sobbed as she wiped some of the blood off of the girl's face.


"Yes, don't you ever do that again!"


"It did work? Wasn't that cool?" Jaheira just glared at her. " Fine. I'm not planning on doing it again. Is everyone ok?"


"Yes, yes child. Now can you move?"


"I'm sorry, I'm not even going to try." Anni closed her eyes and sighed.


"Anomen, you carry her. Haer’Dalis go collect Garren's son, whatever his name is. Minsc, you help Anomen if he can't carry Anni. Edwin make yourself useful somehow." Jaheira ordered everyone about. Anni was more than happy not to be giving the orders for once. Before he picked her up Anomen removed his chainmail handing it to Minsc. Her mind was too fuzzy to wonder why he did such a thing. It became clear as he picked her up and she was nestled against his chest which was covered with a soft feeling shirt. -He wanted to make sure I wasn't hurt any further, how sweet- Anni thought before she passed out.





They were resting in Garren's cabin again. Anni was slowly healing with Anomen and Jaheira taking turns healing her. Minsc and Anomen took turns sitting by her side and Boo was quiet as he was curled up by her hand. Edwin stayed in the room but otherwise showed no emotion about the whole event. It took two days before she would opened her eyes. At the time Anomen was by her side, he smiled brightly at her and she returned a wane one.


"How do you feel my lady?"


"Like I was sat on by a dragon. How long have I been out?"


"Almost three days." She sighed."I'm glad you are alright my lady."


"Thank you, Anomen."


"Please for the sake of us all do not do anything like that again."


"Ok. But you have to admit it was pretty cool."


"Yes it was. I thought you weren't practicing magic anymore."


"I wasn't going to. But Edwin pointed something out to me. Don't tell him he was right. He has a big enough ego."


"He instructed you to do something that crazy? By Helm, I'll kill that wizard."


"Don't bother, Anomen. I thought of the idea myself." She smiled at him. "I didn't know if it would work, either way if it didn't we probably would have died.


"You didn't know if it would work?" He yelled at her.


"Umm... no. But it did that's what counts." Anomen dropped his head in his hands and started laughing. Anni just smiled. When he finally stopped he stared intently at her.


"What? Don't tell me I'm missing teeth or my nose is gone?"


"No, nothing like that, you are still as beautiful. My lady, I know this is the wrong time to ask, but I feel after this harrowing event I must ask for this boon."


"What would you like?" In the darkness she swore his cheeks reddened.


"I would ask for a kiss my lady." Anni smiled at him.


"Why not? But only a kiss, Anomen."


Anomen leaned over her and touched his lips to hers in the softest kiss. It was a chaste kiss no tongue just lips. When he drew back Anomen's face was very red. His eyes didn't met hers as he made to leave the room he looked towards darkest part of the room where Edwin appeared to be asleep. -For someone who doesn't like my lady, he does hang around a lot.-Anomen passed it off and walked out.


Anni didn't see what Anomen did since she was already asleep again. All she knew when she woke she had a fuzzy memory of someone tucking her in and talking to her during her sleep, making her feel warm and safe.

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