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The Haer'dalis Romance Mod


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Note, June 1, 2004: This introduction is in the process of being edited. If something doesn't make sense, please be patient. If something does make sense, please let me know so I can change it...


Another note, June 23, 2004: I'm locking this thread to keep the introduction uncluttered. If you have any comments, either post them in this thread, or start a new thread for them.


This mod started as a discussion on the Unfinished Business forum, when it turned out that the game designers had planned a romance for Haer'Dalis but then dropped it due to time constraints. As far as possible, we're trying to base the romance on the information that is availiable about the original plans. We like to think that this makes us special.


Since the information about the planned romance is rather sparse, and some of it is connected to other plot elements that were cut from the game, what we're really doing here is making things up as we go and trying to look good doing it.


The mod is still in progress, so anything you find on this forum might already have changed when you're reading it. Here are some things that are not likely to change, at least not too drastically:


Haer'Dalis will romance female characters of any race, class or alignment. He will react to these things in some of the lovetalks – an evil gnome cleric might get a different reaction than, say, a good half-orc fighter, but both of them will be able to finish the romance. We are not planning any stat requirements either, so it will be possible to romance him with an intelligence score of 4 and a wisdom score of 7 if you want to. When we write the lovetalks, however, we will assume that the character is able to keep a normal conversation, so there might not be any believable dialogue options for the 4 int 7 wis character...


The Shadows of Amn part of the romance, which is what we're currently working on, will have three possible endings, depending on your choices in the lovetalks. The "default" track will be availiable to anyone as long as you don't break the romance (just like the in-game ones), while the "romantic" ending and the "obsessive" ending will require a little work, and maybe a little extra charm or understanding (that's supposed to be a hint that there might be stat requirements for these two romance paths...). The Throne of Bhaal part should then, logically, have three different tracks from the beginning, but we haven't started working on that yet.


It will be posible to flirt with Haer'Dalis and, depending on how much time we spend on this and how much extra work it takes, some player-initiated interactions might even be required for the non-standard paths. It's also possible that some of the less... well... flirty flirt options will be availiable to players (or shoufd that be "characters"?) who are not romancing Haer'Dalis, but that remains to be seen.


The SoA part of the romance will include the two Haer'Dalis-related quests that were also planned and then cut by the designers. We have not yet decided exactly how the quests will tie in with the romance, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.


We are planning to include a brand new quest in the ToB part of the mod. There might be more information about that when we actually start working on it.

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