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Unfinished Business 14 Released!


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After entirely too long a wait, Icelus, Andyr, Cliffette and the rest of the UB team are happy to bring you version 14 of the Unfinished Business mod! For those who haven't heard of it, this WeiDU mod restores elements of BG2 that were cut by developers prior to release.


Here is what is included in version 14:



  • Added a Russian translation (Thanks, alex from aerie.ru!)
  • Added a French translation (Thanks, graoumf, Mornagest, Daneghar, Severus, Malinconia, DarkWintermoon, Mérillym Martial, Barren, Euler, Elissa Keens, Mathrim Cauthon and Isaya!)
  • Restored the ability to give the Silver Sword back to Simyaz in the Underdark
  • Restored IMOEN213's missing script assignment
  • Restored Olive Jellies to Ust Natha (Encounters component) - thanks, Sim!
  • Restored Quiver of Plenty icons (ToB restorations component) - thanks, Sim!
  • Restored some missing Count Claylan/Alicia dialogues (Minor dialogues component) - thanks, Sim!
  • Restored the Cold Mistress in Saradush encounter (ToB restorations component) - thanks, Sim!
  • Added the Sarevok's Remorse of Tamoko and Yoshimo component - thanks a lot, Sovran and Winterine!


  • Updated WeiDU to 176
  • CamDawg kindly recoded the ReadMe to be xhtml compliant - cheers. :)
  • Recoded item patching for the Feralan to comply with newer WeiDU's ALLOW_MISSING behaviour
  • Put the Wraithform scroll in better place in the Pen and Parchment store rather than top of the stack (by stealing code from CamDawg - thanks!)
  • Changed the way we check for ToB files to be friendlier with those using "cloned" installs with only 1 copy of .BIFs
  • Updated the Spanish translation - thanks to Miguel Bernal and Ana aka Immortality of Clan DLAN
  • Changed Gorje Hilldark's location at the request of some people. Blame SixofSpades for giving me the new coordinates, x = 1197, y = 1917
  • Altered some of Gorje's lines; thanks, Diana!
  • Tweaked the Suna Seni dialogue (a RevealArea command is now before EscapeArea; so looks neater ingame but not technically a bugfix)
  • Increased the reward for freeing the Kalah genie to 5,000 XP and +1 reputation instead of 1,000 XP and +1 reputation. At the request of a few people


  • Changed the way Elhan's Harper-slaying scimitar was removed as it didn't work for some users. Thanks, Sim
  • Fixed BioWare typo in the dialogue used for the Pai'Na quest ("here" for "hear")
  • Fixed an incorrect item reference on Gorje Hilldark. Thanks, Sim
  • Improved the coding of the Xzar's Creations component and fixed a possible bug involving the golem. Thanks, Sim
  • Changed the Feralan kit stat minima to match the Ranger base class
  • Changed the Justifier kit stat minima to match the Ranger base class
  • Fixed a game bug whereby charming Glaicas didn't always work

Download: http://www.pocketplane.net/ub

Readme: http://mods.pocketplane.net/readmes/readme_ub.html

Forum: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?board=19.0

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