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The Artisan's House Rules Tweaks and Overhauls updated to v2.0

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This tweak mod is an assortment of personalized tweaks meant to add more mechanics and quality of life to the game. v2.0 adds two major features, one being an update to the Racial Tweaks component to add more diverse benefits to playable races, and the second being a new component: Stat-based bonus spell slots. WARNING: These two components make use of a constantly-running spell effect to dynamically update all creatures in the running area to grant appropriate bonuses. While it has been tested to ensure there are no major slowdowns or freezes, there may be unintended performance issues on other systems that I am unable to account for beforehand. Those encountering problems should contact me to confirm the possible issue and use the previous version (v1.91) instead.


  • Added stat-based spell slots component
  • Updated Racial Tweaks component
  • BG2-Dorn's +2 CHA changed to CON
  • Removed AC penalty for two-handed style non-proficiency
  • Added reputation increase for IWD component

Download link (github)

Download link (v1.91 - revert to this version if new components cause issues)

Mod page

Discord (contact me for issues, feedback or suggestions)

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