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  1. Fuck off. Just fuck off. Get. Fucking. Real. I’ve been at this for seven years, I’ve produced more technically complex content in a week than you have your entire modding career. You know what I never thought? About how shit everyone else’s mods are and that they should be trying mine because they’re not appreciated enough. Because I don’t look at everyone else like they’re the problem. The first thing I had to come to terms with was that I can’t force my vision on others and I’m not entitled to jack shit. I don’t go around force feeding other people shit sandwiches and then whining that they just can’t appreciate the flavor profile. You don’t like that? Door’s over there. Don’t get hit on the way out. But you’ll coming back because you will be forgotten the moment you stop slinging shit for attention and your little ego could never handle that. Edit: by the way I’ve seen your mods. I thought your stance on prefixes was already indicative of your garbage mentality, but the fact that you do shit like use BEGIN on existing dialog files to completely override them with no consideration for other mods makes it extremely difficult for me to appreciate you attempting to shove your poorly executed vision down other peoples throats.
  2. If only you had any writing skills comparable to even a fraction of your fat disgusting ego.
  3. Anything with a 'not-usable by thief' flag is innately made unable to backstab. I have a upcoming tweak aiming to change that by making thief usability come from a different source, but the mod still needs an update.
  4. The Artisan's Corner The Artisan's Kitpack has been updated to version 2.5. Added Paladin Overhaul - Cavalier and Undead Hunter Overhauls included, added Martyr Added Multi-Class Kits - Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster Fixed bugs with the Trickster and Magekiller kits Download link (github) Mod page Discussion (Beamdog Forums) Discord (contact me for issues, feedback or suggestions)
  5. The Artisan's Corner Sirene NPC has been updated for both her BG:EE and BG2:EE content. This update adds a new soundset voiced by CateM, an update to the Martyr kit in line with recent changes to The Artisan's Kitpack, and adds a reputation check and change for her initial joining. Download link (BG:EE) Download link (BG2:EE) Mod page (BG:EE) Mod page (BG2:EE) Discord (contact me for issues, feedback or suggestions)
  6. It’s hilarious what you think constitutes a good insult. I’d be happy to see more 13 year old girls playing games, so I wear the title with pride. Better that than a bunch of overblown, self-fellating trash that appeals to no one.
  7. Try looking. Oh wait, according to you, we don’t make mods. Maybe set a criteria. Yours changes every two seconds. The goalposts never existed in the first place.
  8. The Artisan's Corner The Artisan's Kitpack has been updated to version 2.3. This update fixes a few text issues with the Monk Revision component, enables half-orc monks, adds a component for applying the Arcane Archer and Arcane Archer / Mage kit for Skitia's Emily, and adds a new kit - Red Wizard - for Edwin. Monk Revisions: Fixed some text issues in non-BG2EE games on Stunning Fist and monk fist items Monk Revisions: Enabled half-orc monks with custom inventory paperdoll (thanks to Lava Del'Vortel) Removed original blackguard abilities from Dorn Fixed broken Arcane Archer / Mage component Added subcomponent for Arcane Archer and Arcane Archer / Mage kit to Skitia's Emily Added Red Wizard (Conjurer) kit for Edwin Download link (github) Mod page Discussion (Beamdog Forums) Discord (contact me for issues, feedback or suggestions)
  9. This tweak mod is an assortment of personalized tweaks meant to add more mechanics and quality of life to the game. v2.0 adds two major features, one being an update to the Racial Tweaks component to add more diverse benefits to playable races, and the second being a new component: Stat-based bonus spell slots. WARNING: These two components make use of a constantly-running spell effect to dynamically update all creatures in the running area to grant appropriate bonuses. While it has been tested to ensure there are no major slowdowns or freezes, there may be unintended performance issues on other systems that I am unable to account for beforehand. Those encountering problems should contact me to confirm the possible issue and use the previous version (v1.91) instead. v2.0 Added stat-based spell slots component Updated Racial Tweaks component BG2-Dorn's +2 CHA changed to CON Removed AC penalty for two-handed style non-proficiency Added reputation increase for IWD component Download link (github) Download link (v1.91 - revert to this version if new components cause issues) Mod page Discord (contact me for issues, feedback or suggestions)
  10. The mold has begun to infest official game information too. This would be an... interesting idea, if only I could find a single example that isn't connected to Roxanne in some way. This isn't even one of her mods and yet... it links to her repository once again. Of course.
  11. The Artisan's Corner The Artisan's Kitpack has been updated to version 2.2. The major additions to this update are components for rebalancing the Monk, the Inquisitor and the Barbarian, and otherwise contains some minor balance changes, quality of life improvements, and externalizing the various modular options within the mod into subcomponents for smoother installation. v2.2 – Added Monk Revision component – Added Inquisitor and Barbarian revisions – Externalized all NPC kitting options into subcomponents – Replaced Elementalist's Delayed Blast Fireball with Acid Storm from IWD – Cernd may now be rekitted into an Elementalist – Trickster's innates and bonuses now scale up to level 40 Download link (github) Mod page Discussion (Beamdog Forums)
  12. You didn’t install the BG1 NPC Project. The NPCs in BG1 never had full banters to begin with. They’ll occasionally make ambient comments directed at each other but they won’t talk or interject in normal dialogue. The banters and interjections for BG1 is mod content.
  13. Holy fuck just keep making everything about you why don’t you
  14. You can try messing with this tool by OlvynChuru. I've had some issues when trying to do more complicated things like a completely custom spellbook, but for something simple like removing a select few spells it should be fine. Try messaging him if you have issues. He's usually active. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/80718/tool-adding-class-or-kit-specific-spells/p1
  15. Take temnix’s statements with a grain of salt. He’s got an inflated ego and is constantly bitter that his mods aren’t put on a pedestal just because he says they should be. The good mods have their reputation and you’ll find them just by asking.
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