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  1. I googled this explanation: So I run cmake again as cmake -DSDL2_INCLUDE_DIR=/boot/system/develop/headers/SDL2/ -DPREFIX=/system/non-packaged/ .. and make install doesn't fail anymore. To install it normally one would have to create a gemrb.recipe file and install it using the command 'haikuporter -S ./gemrb.recipe' or so I've gathered but not yet tried. /boot/system/non-packged/bin/gemrb works normally and I've discovered that Fullscreen from ingame works only when the window was not manually resized previously. Once one resizes it the thing showed in the gif above happens.
  2. The outdated package provided by haikuports was build using sdl 1.2, but I managed to build the newest git version using SDL2. cmake had problems finding the headers from the properly installed libsdl2_devel package so I had to use the option "cmake -DSDL2_INCLUDE_DIR=/boot/system/develop/headers/SDL2/ .." (apparently a common issue with SDL on Haiku). make install also fails, so I manually edited paths in GemRB.cfg to all unhardcoded, plugins dirs etc. to the the source directory. Resizing the window works, enabling fullscreen is weird but at least you can somehow uncheck it.
  3. I made a simple play test of GemRB in Haiku out of curiosity and I encountered a problem with mouse in fullscreen, that makes it unplayable. Is it a known problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy1OxwwTbbM&t=12m13s
  4. Nugrud

    GemRB Vita

    I've just checked it and it works. So once again: using your web browser on pc log in to gog.com, go to your library. Click on the purchased Enhanced Edition game you bought. In the menu that drops underneath, under the name of the game there are "System, Language, More". Click "More", choose "Keys". Copy the URL beginning http://www.gog.com/redeem/xxxxxxx. Copy and paste it in another tab. Redeem it and activate "Baldur's Gate 2 Complete" in the next window. The classic game will apear in your collection. The same instruction follows for bg1, iwd, pst (oh, it doesn't for non-bg).
  5. I was following the project since I moved from windows to linux, more than ten years ago. Sincere congratulations on the anniversary!
  6. The latest version was recovered or you meant those 50% finished versions?
  7. The single biggest complaint I've heard of EE is that the patch 2.0 broke too many mods, but I've noticed many people who liked the classics like EE up to 1.3, like that guy on youtube: watch?v=m5fEAR7HTU4&t=33m10s where he goes explicitly for like 10 minutes what he doesn't like in EE.
  8. Yes, Island Quest from TotSC sounds best for me as well, and I imagine with EET you could even start it after Sarevok's death? I don't know, because only in February I have finished my first playthrough of the clean BGEE and now I'm only in the middle of SoD, so I don't know how would IWD fit at the end of it.
  9. Thanks a lot, although the very first post there says it doesn't work with EE 2.5
  10. Does this thread cover only iPad or also Android Tablets? Can someone point me to a legit how-to step-by-step article for applying mods on android?
  11. There are no incompabilities with the new interjections added by 2.5 patch like Kivan with Tazok or Coran with Brielbara?
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