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  1. Here, without the whitespace changes: https://github.com/Jazira33/UnfinishedBusiness/commit/cca8721e00439c557d39ff7da925eacefeef4164?w=1 (you get the same if you pass -w to git log) So yeah, the EOL characters got changed. Git has a setting where it can force this, but of course if it isn't/wasn't used consistently, one can have mixed ending files in the repo. Encodings: sounds silly. I'd just resave the file and see if there's a git diff. If not, everything is fine, otherwise it will contain all the mangled lines, after which you can reset the file and try to figure it out (lat
  2. Unlike you, we read what he wrote, that's why.
  3. It is possible, you just have to follow the same inane naming as the original. Searching for ZZ doesn't find anything on the forum, but there should be a thread somewhere where we collectively drilled down. The best I can offer is our code - see the comments on what each letter means: https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/blob/master/gemrb/plugins/ITMImporter/ITMImporter.cpp#L137
  4. What filename did you use for the spell?
  5. Don't know why it's not in the NPC website menu though.
  6. We don't have a specific game type, since we emulate others. However, with the latest GemRB and Weidu, there is one file that both agree on. It will be generated on our first run and it's gemrb_path.txt. It's at the same level as dialog.tlk / keymap.ini. What would you like to do that this would be useful?
  7. lynx

    PST textarea problems

    First, you should definitely use the latest version for the best experience. The master branch has some extra fixes if you want to compile that, but otherwise .7 should be ok. We can't help you if you don't post the whole error.
  8. IESDP, or any research for that matter, should never be trusted blindly. Similarly, I still find forum archives very useful, even if a lot of old research is vague, wrong and/or misleading. Nowadays people almost exclusively only test EEs and more shalowly, so there's a gap. But all the research, the tool updates and IESDP are a result of volunteer work. So any discrepancies are just that, discrepancies from different priorities (and the far past when there was less oversight on quality). There's nobody actively hunting for info and making sure all users have it (the closest thing is @Luk
  9. Any news on this? It's very annoying.
  10. lynx


    Thanks, I've updated IESDP for 146, 321, 326 and 333. Should be up in a minute.
  11. lynx


    Are you saying param2==2 is different from param2==1? We don't have it documented yet, but I don't see how it would differ. In my testing in 2014 also something else was fishy: contingency spells use type 0 yet expect an instant cast. @Grammarsalad: thanks, I'll take a look.
  12. lynx


    This subforum is low volume enough to host also modding discussions. 206: yes, that's the iwd variant. To use it in bg2, you'd have to add a new entry to an ids file and in this case we'd also have to rename the internal function, since they match in both systems. So trivial stuff. 326: looks like we don't have it yet, but it will need to be added anyway. Do I see correctly it's just an Apply Spell with the same iwd-style targetting? 321: same, but it looks very easy to do, since we do this sort of thing internally all the time. Are there any publicly available files, user
  13. lynx


    Not really; I think it would be best done as another game type in IESDP itself. The way effects and actions have been refactored on the backend means little need for duplication. Sure, we have some extra opcodes and actions, depending from which engine you look from. Also some things that are new to all or are just extra parameter extensions. Or the projectile externalization that I think EEs adopted partially. DLTCEP supports the gemrb-only projectile stuff, but I had no luck preparing a DAT file for it. Things just broke. The reason it's not documented yet is that some things
  14. Hmm. Throw the scrollbar files up and I'll take a look.
  15. transparency: make the white pure green (0 255 0) and it should work out of the box. window: if you want to reuse all that code, you'll have to add all the same buttons and make sure they have the same ID. It will be easier if you add the buttons to the existing window though (pst/iwd2-style).
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