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  1. Excellent work indeed! Must've been a pain to extract them from the original backgrounds ...
  2. pfft, that's nothing, have some cancer:
  3. As a non-native speaker, I was curious what sort of plants, animals or monsters "trollops and plugtails" might be. Let's just say that after googling, I'm none the wiser
  4. I bet it doesn't cover GemRB. As is tradition with engine projects, the full name is a mouthful: Game engine made with pre-Rendered Background.
  5. Ok, so this is all as expected. IESDP updated. there's also an area_diff_3 spawn ini key btw.
  6. I was using the current iesdp description of the format. I guess it was copied over from bg2 as a starting point. iesh didn't have it either, so I added it yesterday just for this investigation. Thanks for the verification!
  7. The recent discussion with Endurium and digging through the archives made me wonder how HoF is persisted. It's enabled by an ini option, but once a game is started, it is HoF forever, so the information must be saved somewhere. It'd be natural to have it in the saved GAM, so I started a new iwd2 game and saved, then enabled HoF and did the same. iediff showed these differences, but only one stood out — I suspect HoF mode is toggled by what is "Saved locations offset" at 0x6c of the GAM header in IESDP (and that it just didn't have it): I haven't tried to verify this though. I guess the easiest way would be to set it back to 0, move to a new master area and see if the enemies are beefed up or not.
  8. First, I made a mistake up there: nightmare mode is HoF mode (toggled in config.exe, saved to ini). I was hoping it would just swap out the creatures, either all being in the area already or doing it when looking them up. But for eg. 10gobd, there are no such beefed up versions shipped. Your confirmation here helps again, thanks. CheckAreaDiffLevel is interesting. It's used for either harsher AI or scaled up scripted spawning, so it'd be odd if it had a static outcome (something for an iwd2 unfinished business mod). The fact that the same area scripts check for all three levels shows that the level was set by the engine. Did you read this thread? It says it's unreliable, but based on party level:
  9. I can confirm much of this — I was looking into it in 2013 apparently and we haven't changed our implementation since. I would not call those first fields level overrides though; or do you have some result that they actually change the levels of creatures? Currently we just treat them as an oddly saved bitfield for matching against the actor difficulty margin at 0x2f. Seems to have worked quite fine — before, of course, all actors were there, so there were many too many, especially visible in the early orc maps. What we don't do is look at the game difficulty at all yet. I thought perhaps the levels had something to do with nightmare and HoF mode, but good to know that it's actually for the normal range. I also wonder why they used so many fields, when one in the actor structure would suffice.
  10. yeh, g3 never fixed the broken redirects. Updated, thanks.
  11. These are basic bitwise operations, nothing specific to weidu, so look that up.
  12. I'd play the original first for sure.
  13. It supports much higher numbers, so it's more likely you're doing it wrong or weidu has a bug. Infinite supply is a separate stored toggle.
  14. You already opened an issue for this. The PR draft looks fine, just please change tabs to spaces, so it's consistent with the rest of the file.
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