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  1. If you use replacement TTF fonts, Freetype should take care of everything, I think. But if you use window scaling on top, you'll blur everything. The original fonts are bitmap fonts, so there's not much one can do about scaling performance for them.
  2. The ini option for extra feedback is handy here. If lightMod is anything like bg2, then there's a reference light level (23) involved that the current area one is compared to in a pretty convoluted way: ieDword lightness = game->GetCurrentArea()->GetLightLevel(Pos); // seems to be the color overlay at midnight; lightness of a point with rgb (200, 100, 100) ieDword light_diff = int((lightness - ref_lightness) * 100 / (100 - ref_lightness)) / 2; ieDword chance = (100 - light_diff) * skill/100; which is then compared to the roll in other games The light level is from:
  3. It just looks like you cranked up the sharpness. Perhaps some would find it nicer, can't say.
  4. I can't think of a way, so I'd leave it to narrative ("this message will self-destruct in x" or something).
  5. Thanks for the proof — lame stuff. It works fine in GemRB, but you can't play past the Ice temple there yet. Since stats were ruled out, it sounds like it would require an exe fix in the original.
  6. Nice! Didn't know about that one. Anyway, I think this mod started at the wrong stage — areas to exclude can be figured out eventually, but without a technical proof-of-concept showing the mod is feasible in the first place, asking for areas is a bit moot.
  7. You can't just stuff in bigger background pictures, since the coordinate system is tied to them. So yeah, without engine support, you're left to retouch at the original sizes.
  8. As far as I know, @Joneleth Irenicus is still at it. He already modified NearInfinity to make conversions easier and converted a bunch of stuff. It gets tricker once you get to animations.
  9. I doubt this is the case, I'd wager the stats are just too low.
  10. In bg1 there are several links between areas, so it could depend on which edge you started travelling from.
  11. Areas have several entrances though, even if you had access to the world map.
  12. - restoring the slot/scroll on failure is cheesy - what coordinates would you warp to? - I doubt it can be done without exe hacks
  13. That's pretty lame — means you can only use single-word tokens.
  14. You can only decrease the reputation in this game ... if none of the other temples allow for donations. Through dialog, only Tybald can make it worse, so what remains is the usual bad behaviour.
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