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  1. They're not externalised spells, just constructed and applied internally. Well, unless you're running gemrb, of course.
  2. lynx

    Git repositories Ransomware [SANS news]

    You're missing the point of git — all history is preserved, so even force pushes can be undone. Of course, if you rely on just the browser to interact with your repos, then you're already using a very limited subset of the power and safety git offers.
  3. lynx

    SR V4 Beta 16

    Only if it's a single measurement. Anyway, for bows it's likely 100 as set in most of them (long, x), since that would be 400 horizontal pixels. At least that what I choose to believe (no circle size additions).
  4. lynx

    SR V4 Beta 16

    Just found this. Our research also showed that item ranges are ignored and they depend just on the item type. See here for some details: https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/issues/98
  5. lynx

    Git repositories Ransomware [SANS news]

    Git is a versioning system, so they can't really hurt many authors — you have a local backup automatically. Breaches like this may look intimidating, but they're easy to undo.
  6. lynx

    Trigger Region Script Issue

    Think of them as of other actors, just being flat and immobile.
  7. It should also be doable with individual ActionListEmpty(), but it'd result in several blocks just to check all the party sizes.
  8. These things come to mind: 1. If you're modding iwd2, it has an objectRect parameter to object specifiers, which supposedly limits the matching to the specified region. 2. A creature and PersonalSpaceDistance checks. Invisible if needed. 3. Trigger regions at the destinations, then checking via IsOverMe.
  9. That bit that you mention is only for following into subareas. To move between main (master) areas, the creatures need to be stored. You need MakeGlobal and MoveGlobal*, but there's no way to undo it in the original (gemrb has UnmakeGlobal), so your save files will grow a bit faster. I'm pretty sure this has been done before too (djinn mod from Argent?).
  10. lynx

    PVRZ info

    Pull requests are always welcome. As for the second point, yes, most likely.
  11. lynx

    A few more typos

    All this and more is now fixed. All the size labels are now consistent.
  12. I didn't test, but judging from the fact that no string in any game uses it: no.
  13. lynx

    Real life <reference>

    Continuing the old tradition, here is another find from a recent trip: Previously in: Baldur's gate Fallen From Grace Aurora's shoes Found any yourself?
  14. lynx

    Site and Forum Feedback

    Any news on the redirects? Considering they were already written, why not just get an extra domain for the forum and use the main for the rest of the site and arbitrary rewrites?
  15. lynx

    Question to Time() Detection in Game (ToB)

    Checking via cheats is no good — the values could have changed. When unexpected things happen, don't rule out other unexpected things.