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  1. Never tried it jastey, but perhaps it would — actors, containers and area triggers do share underlying code.
  2. Technically any line with an object would do in place of CutSceneID, the engine doesn't care. It takes the object, makes it the cutscene runner and discards the action. So it's a good idea to use a noop like CutSceneID.
  3. Thanks everyone, IESDP now reflects this.
  4. Conditions are trigger blocks, yes. An example script wouldn't hurt, especially since it's not clear why the parameter is needed — are some cutscenes ran with and without it?
  5. Maybe ask in the raspbian communities, but the best bet is to compile it yourself. btw, you don't need to choose gemrb mode in the mod.
  6. did you compile weidu yourself? I don't remember it having arm binaries.
  7. Didn't remember The Hidden, so after some googling came upon this quote from the original writer.
  8. Forgot to mention caillean7 did some detailed testing of the rect stuff and it appears it was gimped (doesn't work if the first point isn't [0.0]): https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/issues/548
  9. The process complete, here are the results: https://gemrb.github.io/2020/06/11/unexpected-new-use-case-of-gemrb.html
  10. lynx

    Initial Palette ?

    I'm not sure what you want. IESDP also has a list of gradients: https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/appendices/colourgradients.htm
  11. Yeah, same thought, we had similar problem in GemRB a couple of times (from interaction with fatigue). Maybe he hit a bug and now has very high luck, which then masks the actual roll due to being a flat modifier.
  12. You started this thread a month ago. Instead of ridicule, have some praise for your delayed gratification skills:
  13. Oh, indeed, file reports them as plaintext. No magic at the front, I guess. Github has nothing to do with it, it's all git. Mike: you can have external diff tools, eg. in this case to get bcs decompiled and then that gets diffed instead. ielister works fine for that (search for iediff), though bcs is not particularly common as a "source".
  14. Works for me here on 9.3.1, recent tumbleweed snapshot. Compiled with make VERBOSE=1 to check that the flags got picked up. ldd doesn't show pthreads either.
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