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  1. I don't see what goes wrong and I also forgot this window is the same regardless of resolution. This should fix the wrong table being used (first python warning) diff --git a/gemrb/GUIScripts/LUSpellSelection.py b/gemrb/GUIScripts/LUSpellSelection.py index f24600afb..5340abc54 100644 --- a/gemrb/GUIScripts/LUSpellSelection.py +++ b/gemrb/GUIScripts/LUSpellSelection.py @@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ def OpenSpellsWindow (actor, table, level, diff, kit=0, gen=0, recommend=True, b # adjust the table for the amount of spells available for learning for free # bg2 had SPLSRCKN, iwd2 also SPLBRDKN, but all the others lacked the tables - if SpellLearnTable == "MXSPLSOR": + if SpellLearnTable == "MXSPLSOR" or SpellLearnTable == "MXSPLSRC": SpellLearnTable = "SPLSRCKN" elif SpellLearnTable == "MXSPLBRD": SpellLearnTable = "SPLBRDKN" So you get the correct new spells amount on levelup. I doubt it will affect your gui error though.
  2. Hmm, you can try commenting out the line 155 in GUIScripts\LUSpellSelection.py (in wherever you unpacked gemrb). I suspect the data — what resolution are you playing at?
  3. Did you cut out the actual error? Was this the first python error in the log?
  4. lynx


    ok, finally came back to this. Implemented: - 321: simple stuff, like many other similar filters on various effect params. - 324 && 326: copies of the iwd2 opcode, so just took some moving around and exposing to other games. I've also extended them with the few new pseudostats EEs added. Untested, but should work fine.
  5. You could use regular expressions to first deal with ActionOverride, then make a second pass for the rest. Or make your life hard and do both with one complicated expression. Before reviewing all the changes, of course. But wait, it this over the whole game or your mod files?
  6. Widescreen is a mod for the original games allowing you to play them at almost any desired resolution. v3.08 is a minor maintenance update without new resolution bugfixes or game features. Mod Page Forum Download Readme
  7. No major changes, so don't expect new features, new supported exes or fewer bugs. Until the mod page is updated, you can grab the release from here: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/widescreen/releases/tag/v3.08 Changelog: Added Project Infinity support (AL|EN). Updated Brazlian Portuguese translation (Felipefpl). Bumped license from LGPL 2 to 2.1 (Mike1072) Removed obsolete GemRB mode (lynx) Updated to latest best practices and g3 style (lynx) Updated documentation (lynx)
  8. If -1 works like that, that's more like an autohit than bypassing armor.
  9. What it says, but in iwd2 ("brilliant" weapons). The one you found must be just garbage luck.
  10. I wanted to move some ancient IESDP topics to its archival subforum, since the way things were set up, it's a sort of a TODO list. If you can mass unarchive things in that forum that would be great. If you have to do it one by one, let's not bother.
  11. Seems to work here, but my firefox is older, at 80. On a related note, is there a way to move archived threads? I don't get the option in the moderator actions.
  12. I didn't find a mention in the book about IE games, so perhaps it was in some interview. :s
  13. Well, in this case we just reuse a scripting action to save on code duplication. The originals often did the same. This is the only "code relations" thing we have, but of course you could use external tools to generate graphs: https://gemrb.org/Engine-overview.html
  14. I have a vague memory of an "aha!" moment, so perhaps it was answered somewhere.
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