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  1. So what kind of deltas are you talking about, just the fact that the mod changed, not actually any format? I don't see a problem there either; things under SCM will update nicely, while for normal archives you can wipe everything but inis and it should also be fine.
  2. Too bad, this means it would also complicate distribution if you wanted to do it in advance. It would basically have to be a mod for us, each user doing it themselves.
  3. Very nice results indeed! Hopefully someone will integrate it into SDL, so we geet more upscaling options for free.
  4. 1. Unless SR and IR (iirc) got new releases, they still use both mechanisms for two different release streams (3 and 4). 2. and 3. You can do this later if there is a need. 4. Are you talking about diffs or binary deltas here? The first don't have this problem.
  5. lynx

    Mod metadata source - brainstorming

    What's the point of a repo if you're just uploading exes though?
  6. lynx

    Mod metadata source - brainstorming

    I'm sure you're familiar with regexes enough, this is a simple case. The thing to realize is that reading from the disk several times is a bad idea, so read info should be cached. If I remember correctly, he's using powershell, which is OOP, so it can be done cleanly through the use of custom objects.
  7. lynx

    Mod metadata source - brainstorming

    Why change any checks, it's just one regex to remove the setup- prefix if it's present.
  8. lynx

    On portrait sizes

    the big ones are used also in bgs for character generation, not just iwd.
  9. lynx

    New engine

    @CamDawg, @jastey you can do it with the keyboard too. Use up/down to select and enter to pick. any news on the url rewrites?
  10. lynx

    Addressing the Recent Downtime

    What kind of monthly (why not yearly?) fees are we talking about?
  11. Chunking itself causes a permanent animation change (to one of the EXPLODING_ARM/FOOT/LEG/TORSO animations) and a (hair/skin/major/minor) color change (all to a red color). It has to reset the animation of the creature. Odd though that party members return to their proper animation(though still recolored), while others revert to the Human Cleric. Do you have any more info on this? Which bams do those correspond to? (SP)CHUNKS at 0x0100 is static, with almost no movement (iow the explosion is missing). But also, since the char animation changes, it means only one was picked to be used, yet there's no concept of targetting body parts, so is it random?
  12. zelazko, I doubt reinstalling will help. I'd be really cool to have your files to play around with, but that's such a huge install to reproduce. just for kicks, try with the last build: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Buildbot%20Binaries/Windows/AppVeyor/ the last one with the paperdoll fixes will be up in a few minutes, so wait a bit if you're reading this now.
  13. Since it's a g3 mod, it should definitely work on linux. EEs complicated the string handling, but there should be no need for wine.
  14. Yeah, looks fine (besides buggy mods screwing the two unrelated tables). What I'm saying is that I can't test this easily, since it's not a one-mod problem. There is something wrong at scale, with no good reason.