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  1. You could just use the same expression in the second case, explicitly (not manually) negated.
  2. Check if it's here: https://github.com/SpellholdStudios
  3. That's closer to Brad on the subviews branch; master is more like space invaders with you, caillean and chiv being the alien overlords.
  4. https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/opcodes/bgee.htm#op295 What didn't work?
  5. Learn to love the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20150224204411/http://spidersrpgworld.com/index.php/modifications/character-based/154-elven-pack https://web.archive.org/web/20150919015002/http://iegmc.shphockey.com/racialpacks/
  6. There was another ML thread a while ago, but I can't find it. Didn't go into much detail about actually using this, since the algo was too intensive and unreliable to do at runtime. With GemRB one can emulate a good ol' CRT by just resizing the window — SDL does the simple scaling and of course the best results are at integer factors. It has some options (eg. anisotropic filtering on top), but this is far from just having greater detail.
  7. You can't push to the G3 repos, since you don't have that sort of access. But you can push to your own forks of them. So do that first — there's a fork button on every repo page. You'll have to change what your "origin" origin points to afterwards (edit .git/config or find some command to do it), so you tell git you're working on your own repo/fork. Once you push, the web interface will automatically suggest you create a pull request and make it trivial.
  8. Yeah, those two lines are clearly broken. Never ran into that though, since I don't actually install it — you can run it from the checkout normally. You can try changing them to "return rec".
  9. Eh, let's end this torture. If you're willing to use GemRB, then let's do it properly. Tell me what you want to do, step by step, in great detail (storyboard/script) and let's go from there.
  10. Yeah, it is possible to add new cutscenes and have them do almost arbitrary things. The script itself can teleport and move the actors wherever you need them, triggered on a hotkey. So the save only has to be roughly appropriate (the more you prepare, the less you have to script). But it's all pretty nasty, since there's so many idiosyncrasies and custom file formats involved. You'll need NearInfinity, the editor, and plenty of patience. I suggest you rather try to recruit implementation help once the storyboard is ready. You'll also want to use overhead text instead of proper dialogs, otherwise the non-interactivity will be broken.
  11. You have to open a github account (free) and then you can edit the file with the opcode description from within your browser: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/iesdp/tree/master/_opcodes
  12. Jarno, yes, by inheriting the info. I don't think it was saved, that's why it's less obvious. In GemRB we store the global id at runtime (not pointers), but that's just one way of doing it. ptifab: updates are welcome, it's an open source community project like any other.
  13. There's no such opcode for saving throws.
  14. Escape? So the mod isn't incompatible, it just requires more work, since the exe patching doesn't affect us. So yeah, easiest to just wait for the next release or use the inbuilt scaling, if one doesn't want to manually replace the handful of fonts. These are all the game uses: RESREF NEED_PALETTE FONT_NAME PX_SIZE STYLE COLOR 0 FONTDLG 1 FONTDLG 14 0 0xffffffff 1 TRMTFONT 1 TRMTFONT 14 0 0xffffffff 2 EXOFONT 1 EXOFONT 14 0 0xffffffff 3 POSTANT 1 POSTANT 14 0 0xffffffff 4 NUMBER 0 NUMBER 14 0 0xffffffff 5 NUMBER2 0 NUMBER2 14 0 0xffffffff 6 NUMBER3 0 NUMBER3 14 0 0xffffffff 7 SYSFONT 1 SYSFONT 14 0 0xffffffff 8 FONTDLG 1 FONTDLG 14 0 0xffffffff
  15. Oh, I forgot. You can just run in windowed mode and scale the window to whatever size you want. That will scale everything (so multiples of 2 work best).
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