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  1. If it crashes when you open the worldmap, then some other mod is the problem — 10pp doesn't affect it at all. Or you found a new bug in gemrb. Try with the latest release, not the development build.
  2. This mod doesn't work in the original or ee engines, only in gemrb, so your TOB result is to be expected. Are you saying SOA doesn't work in gemrb for you? The weidu errors are puzzling, but could be harmless — I don't really know what causes them.
  3. Wherever it would be, it would be simple to steal from, so the platform doesn't matter in that sense.
  4. The CRE part is literally embedding CRE structures, so look at those file format docs. Same for EFF for thief traps. Tiled objects are not really used.
  5. Tons of them, the most famous open source one probably being imagemagick. But if it's just about simple transformations, it might be more convenient to do it all in weidu.
  6. So I guess this is mostly to farm out more xp? Unless you want unique areas, the recoloring can be automated as well, which would also make the mod nice and small, not in the 100M of size range, and work with mod-added areas. But I don't know if you care enough about the craft ...
  7. I would suggest github and storing the data in a machine readable format. Then you can have a simple github pages jekyll site for presenting it nicely and a form for human friendly entry of missing mods. Definitely exclude ephemeral things like the mentioned "last year of update".
  8. I think people are satisfied with larger fonts or just use a smaller resolution.
  9. Maybe w_gui also increases the size, I don't know: http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/w_gui
  10. lynx

    White Label Disks

    should be as fine.
  11. Easiest to just speed up the passage of time with AdvanceTime.
  12. Then I guess it's a problem of all the conditions being checked first, then executed, not linearly as one would expect.
  13. I think conditions are ignored. You could use False in all of them and they should still run.
  14. Are you starting this as a cutscene? Then all blocks get evaluated by default.
  15. The way I see it: - it's 0, so the matching block runs - .. and sets it to 1 - but then also waits, so triggers get reprocessed - meaning the last block runs setting it to 0 - ad nauseam
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