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  1. lynx

    Question to 0x00101FEF CD_STATE_NOTVALID?

    I don't think so, this was just a temporary hack for Angel. It removes checking for confusion.
  2. lynx

    Song entries: main ambients

    I didn't check the EEs, but since they merged both datasets, it is not a surprised that you have them.
  3. I've checked all the data files using iesh to get more info. Last research showed it was used in bg1 and not in bg2 and iwd2. Here's the rest and some details. Structure: https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/file_formats/ie_formats/are_v1.htm#formAREAV1_0_Song_entries iwd1, iwd2 and pst have no areas with any of those ambient fields set. bg2 does have a few, mostly inns, probably copies of areas in bg1: None of those sound files are present, but I didn't check if adding them makes a difference. bg1 of course has a long bunch If volume isn't printed, it's 100. There's a few cases where it differs between day and night, usually being louder in the night. Almost a hundred use different ambients for the two fields (eg. two entries for day: : AMB_E19L and AMB_E19N). Don't know when this "extended" second field is supposed to come into play. Might be they're all longer and weren't used in low memory situations / settings. Bit 5 of the flags is supposed to toggle something like this, but I haven't checked. EDIT: with 183 vs 1, the size hypothesis is confirmed. I checked the uncompressed sizes, which is not the same as length, but close enough. The outlier is amb_m14a vs amb_m14. Stuff for the fixpack, I guess.
  4. lynx

    INFO: new bugtracker

    I've recently gave in, enabled the github bugtracker and we're slowly moving old reports (wiki, sf) there. So from now on, please file any reports, missing features and enhancement requests here: https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/issues
  5. I'm surprised at the opposite actually.
  6. Modding on ees is harder for the user, but gog is a good option either way.
  7. The download tool could do it for them quite easily. Also for the deltas, I don't see a problem with shared directories. If two mods have the same filenames, there'll be problems much sooner than this. If you're nuking the dir before updating, then it's not a delta update anymore, but a redownload. Dealing with user changes is tricky, but you could git stash beforehand and git stash pop afterwards. The only problem is if there are conflicts, since that requires a manual intervention.
  8. lynx


    Amber is indeed one of the best, so an update would be exciting!
  9. didn't scan the content, but the effect variant that sets a stat is there. https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/opcodes/bg2tob.htm#op295
  10. lynx

    Choosing a License for Your Mods

    Typically code is released under one of the plethora of FLOSS licenses, while blobs and other non-code as CC. However, most mods are small, so there's no real gain in making a distinction and using two. Choosing is a good idea though, not because github will ask you, but as it makes updating abandoned stuff clear as day and sets expectations from the contributors. The authors can always agree to sublicense differently too. A very contrived example: I generally license gemrb mods as GPL, but I could grant them to Saros under a BSD license, in case he wanted to sell them without reciprocity.
  11. But you're literally defining specifications, there's no need to be stuck in the past.
  12. Come on, it's 2019, everyone is using unicode now. And the mods that have a safety against this are exactly the ones hosted in version control, which can be another motivator to use it.
  13. lynx

    New engine

    Do you need any help with the url rewrite stuff? It's quite annoying and degrading search engine results as well.
  14. lynx

    Druid/Thief mod - possible?

    It's simple to do with gemrb, but then you'd be playing something else.
  15. What's the problem with a single file? I don't see how it would cause usability issues for translators.