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  1. Looking at its code, weidu doesn't care if totsc is installed. But widescreen might, since it needs exe offsets to know what to hack. That part is of course useless for gemrb, but the mod may insist. The next release will have inbuilt widescreen support, so the mod won't be needed any more. With the current release the best you can do is run in windowed mode and resize the window, but that will of course stretch things.
  2. Sounds like you're trying to run a prebuilt binary for a different architecture. Unless there are builds out there for arm, you'll have to compile weidu yourself.
  3. Heh, I thought this was something new in ees, so I didn't even bother checking our code. But it matches.
  4. I imagine with long delays and interspersed blocking actions this is expected behaviour if it's just using game time to modulo against.
  5. Delay: so it works like a modulo operator, a sieve. Random: AFAIK all the triggers and actions share the random value (in the same tick). Please just suggest changes or additions to the text on the site.
  6. Please don't do this to us — that version is from 2011. Let's focus on making the latest work on your platform instead. Which is it, what compiler are you using, what are the errors and so on.
  7. It's also tricky wording: a potential party member is not equal to a party member. But after a join, they're all global (stored in the GAM).
  8. For a more bulletproof test you'd have to use a message or ReallyForceSpell, but I doubt you'd get much different results. I still think your corner case is a problem in matching, not Detect though. And with the last two tests that could be in the action body as well.
  9. So what did you try? You have non-trivial code there, so it's not clear that the problem is where you say it is. Eg. does this block also result in a cast when in your special invisibility state? IF Detect(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) HaveSpell(CLERIC_TRUE_SIGHT) // SPPR505.SPL (True Seeing) THEN RESPONSE #100 Spell(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),CLERIC_TRUE_SIGHT) // SPPR505.SPL (True Seeing) END And are you sure NearestEnemyOf(Myself) is matching and matching who you expect?
  10. I would have linked it directly, but the docs don't have any anchors.
  11. As usual, with a while or for loop: https://weidu.org/~thebigg/README-WeiDU.html
  12. I thought this was scripted. Is then there somewhere a detailed rundown on the spawn progression / mechanic? Come to think of it, I haven't though about the similar low rep scenario either.
  13. Alternatives provides some pretty evil alternate ways to get to Brynnlaw IIRC.
  14. lynx

    Sound in GemRB Retropie

    Lost for ideas, since I guess also per-program muting or volume is not in play (eg. pulseaudio settings).
  15. lynx


    Can confirm, had it named since 2010. Not sure if from research or actual use. Added to the ids lists, thanks.
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