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Non magical non droppable weapon equipping

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I want to create weapons that can benefit from str bonuses, but can't be removed for spell duration. I can't use Opcode #111, but opcode #143 doesn't equip the weapon. My tests show that there are 2 situations, which differ based on presence of some initial weapon in slot 35 (weapon0):

1. No weapon - the item is created, I can see it in inventory, but I can't select it by any means (it's shown as "fist" in general view and clicking it doesn't make my character use the weapon)

2. Some weapon - the item is created, I can see it in inventory and can select it from general view, though the image is of the original weapon, this works as intended until spell duration is reached, after which I have to trigger opcode #112 (Remove Item), which successfully removes my created weapon, but it also removes the initial weapon (making slot weapon0 empty)



Is there an elegant way to avoid such situations and make it work? The only way I can think of is to delay opcode #143 by 1 second and create an additional weapon instantly, so that player can equip it in slot weapon0, so that none of his original weapons are destroyed.

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Ok, I found a bit cleaner way to do what I need. I can use more than 1 "Item Ability", which will allow for choosing between them and this in turn equips the item. Players will still have to do that manually and will still lose their items if they leave them in weapon0 slot, but that's probably the best thing I can do without resorting to invisible creatures, that move items from weapon0 to equipment. 

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