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Opcode #183 usage

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#183 (0xB7) Item: Apply Effect Itemtype                   https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/opcodes/bgee.htm#op183

While reading through IESDP, I found this opcode and it looks as though it can do some interesting and powerful things. I tried to experiment with it, however I couldn't make it work at all.


My question is, if I finally configure it (and the EFF it uses) properly, should I be able to:


1. Create an ability/spell, that hits everyone IF a shield is equipped?

2. Create an ability, that adds different critical hit bonuses, if they're performed with different weapons? (eg. stun effect if a club is used, bleeding if a dagger is used etc)

3. Create a spell that gives +10% damage reduction IF a shield is worn and this effect is removed immediately after the shield is unequipped/spell is dispelled?


Best regards


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It definitely has, I know of those that are listed under the link I provided - some items don't have to be actively used, to be seen as proper triggers for this opcode, which is a shame.


Hmm, could you please provide more details of how to achieve these effects without this opcode? Can it be done without spells/scripts checking some conditions every second? As if this opcode notices every equip- unequip action, then it looks like the cleanest way to get my desired results (though I'm not sure it does).

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I've used 183 myself for some complicated fist bonuses. Want an ability that grants +1 to hit and damage versus undead while using fists only? Two 183 effects, restricted to "hand to hand" only, calling different EFFs. One of those is an opcode 178 "THAC0 versus type bonus" and the other is an opcode 179 "Damage versus type bonus". Though I did have to figure out the black magic of how 178/179 actually works in an EFF (parameter 3).

The drawback here has to deal with stacking, and what is considered "equipped". If you're dual-wielding and one hand has the appropriate type, both hands get the bonus. If both hands are the right type, you might get two copies of the effect - which is trouble if you're using something that stacks with itself (178/179 doesn't). And with fists, I think you might get two copies regardless? I don't know on that one. I decided that letting off-hand weapons work with it was fine, because that applies to other "fist-only" effects like Stunning Blow.

So if you tried your #2 with opcode 183, I think you'd end up with stun and bleeding on both weapons if you dual-wielded a club and a dagger. Not ideal.

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