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Tweaks anthology "Remove +x Name" Problem...bug

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I came to report a bug or I don't know if I'm installing the mods in order

With the anthology I install the module to remove the +X from unique weapons. But, if for example; Starting directly from ToB they give me various weapons and armor and the ones that come in the containment bags... they come unedited. I know that some come like this because they have more powerful versions. But it seems strange to me that some weapons that are equipped and in the inventory if you have the +X deleted (such as the thundering hammer +3) and those that come in the bag do not. I don't know if it's a bug, to start directly there or not. And also something else. I don't know if this covers the mod either. But sometimes if I import a character file directly into ToB it appears without equipment. More than a cane. a bag with +X weapons and some bugged potions. I don't really have many mods installed. Solo: The calling for exotic items, Itemupgrade and thalantyr upgrade. I guess these should go after Tweaks Anthology

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