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  1. There are many mods that I would like to install, but as most are not translated or their translation is not up to date. Well, I miss them, because the game is in "spanglish". I know it is nonsense, but it gives me some OCD to have the language in Spanish and that some things come out in English. But thanks, I'll try to do what you tell me
  2. Hi all. You see, this is trying to install the latest version of the mod and everything was fine, until I get to the AI section, when installing the "core" everything goes smoothly, until I get an error that says "is not an integer , but one was expected " I am playing the enhanced edition trilogy with mods. But I was investigating and maybe it is because I have the mod "atweaks" installed. Should I install that after the sword coast stratagem? Does anyone by any chance know if there is no problem installing the Atweaks after the "EET_End"?
  3. And do you know by chance what is the latest version that is in Spanish?
  4. Hi all I made an account to ask about a translation. Do you know if the Spanish translation of version 33.1 (which I suppose is the most current) is updated? I am asking why install the mod obviously selecting the Spanish version. But the difficulty selection menu comes out in English, the signs that say when an enemy npc uses a potion also come out in English. And the menu that you can use to adjust the difficulty of each mob in the game also appears in English.
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