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Fine weapons breaking after Chapter 6

Guest Zeta

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Turns out that if "Replace many +1 magic weapons with nonmagical "fine" ones -> Fine weapons are affected by the iron crisis" is installed, fine weapons continue to break post chapter-6.

I did some digging in Near Infinity and figured out the reason - in the .SPL file that handles weapons breaking from the iron crisis, "Effect 0 (protection from resource)" is supposed to protect against the weapon breaking post-chapter 6, right? But, for fine weapons, the "protection from resource" references the *original* item, not the fine item. So halb02.spl's is trying to protect against HALB01.ITM's effect. If you change this to HALB02.ITM, the weapon doesn't break anymore.

PS: Aside from this issue, SCS has been a pleasure to play - I can't praise this mod enough, it's made my travels through BG1 far more intense than they would have otherwise been.

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