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Zyraen's Miscellany's Item Stat Bonuses

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The "Zyraen's Miscellany" mod contains the following component: "Item Stat Bonuses". It modifies objects that set a statistic to X (gauntlets of ogre power, gauntlets of dexterity...) so that they contain a stat bonus instead. The component is very interesting, as it prevents those unnatural leaps from a poor statistic score to a sudden 18, 19, 20...
The guide by Leonardo Watson does not recommend the component as it is not sufficiently tested with Big Picture. In the readme of the mod there is no incompatibility advice. I would be sorry to lose such a useful component, so I ask if anyone has experience with it, if it is safe, or if not if there is something similar in other mods.
Thank you

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Item Revisions does the same thing (and much more). If you like everything else IR  does  and/or were considering installing it anyway, then it will accomplish this purpose for you.

That's all I have for advice - I don't know anything about Zyraen's mod specifically.

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