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WM: Fhaugy BG2EE companion now available!

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A new companion is now available at Weasel Mods!

Fhaugy is a neutral half-orc monk, a member of the Twin Tusks circle, which unites individuals who hope to achieve balance — not just the one of nature, but that between inner peace and the will to impact the world. While there is still some anger and burdening experience he finds hard to forget, he does not want to give in to his darker side but find a way to keep things in check. He also has a sense of humor he will gladly share with you, his potential leader and friend.

The Fhaugy mod includes personal quests (1 in SoA and 1 in ToB), friendship talks, and a romance option for a male protagonist of any alignment except for chaotic evil and with 13+ Charisma. Furthermore, Fhaugy has his own custom monk kit (Twin Tusks Monk) and a new half-orc monk inventory paperdoll.

You can find Fhaugy in the Umar Inn in Imnesvale.

Special thanks to GoForTheEyes for proofreading!

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