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Enhanced Powergaming Scripts v10.0

Guest morpheus562

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Guest morpheus562

Official release for version 10.0 which brings the following enhancements:

  • All Games
    • Moved the scripts into the Advanced AI slot. They are now listed as "Enhanced Powergaming Scripts" and allow the user to select the level of involvement the scripts will have on gameplay.
    • Characters can switch between solo and party buffing using Hotkey 'K'. This allows you to have some characters buff everyone in the party, while other characters (such as sorcerers) will not burn through their spells on the party if they are set to solo buff.
    • Updated French Translations, courtesy of JohnBob.
    • Updated Polish Translations, courtesy of Cahir.
    • Added use of the following disabling spells: Slow, Sleep, Hold Person (Cleric & Wizard), Confusion (Wizard), Emotion: Hopelessness, Cleric Silence, Miscast Magic, add Greater Command.
  • BG2EE and EET
    • Added use for the following items: Bracers of Blinding Strike and Staff of the Magi.
    • Fixed Mind_Blank spellstate for IWDIfication when SCS is NOT installed.
    • Fixed issue with SR Celestials.

Project Page
Forum at G3
Readme: English

Readme: French
Download at G3
Download directly at GitHub

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