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WM: Quayle BG2 v7.0 is available

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This mod introduces Quayle from BG1 as a party joinable NPC in BG2(EE). But only if Aerie fails during the newly added short mission... A mini quest (including a small new area) is provided, where you decide who you prefer to travel with. Know, however, that you won't be able to change your mind as Aerie will need to fall during the quest, if you decide that it is your old friend you'd rather work with.

The mod includes time-triggered and scenery talks for both SoA and ToB, banters, interjections, and new items.

Version 7.0 includes:

  • New portrait
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed Epilogue script
  • Fixed Epilogue portrait
  • Added missing walls to the quest area
  • Added a few player responses in dialogues
  • Added basic PIDs for SoA and ToB
  • Added XP adjustment for EE games
  • Longer time spaces between dialogues
  • Improved quest cutscenes


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