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Questions about (N)PC interactions

Guest Erstarrung

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Guest Erstarrung

I think it's marvellous that although it's quite an old game, there is still new content developed... inspiring me to yet another trilogy run...

I have, if you don't mind, some questions about Navarra:

Are there - apart from being male and non-evil - any other romance requirements for the PC? Does Navarra have (like e.g. Evandra) any special race- or profession-specific dialogue with the PC?

And if I choose not to romance Navarra, which NPC will she romance?

And, speaking of NPCs, has she the same amount of talks with every NPC? Or are there some with more talks?

Does she have conflicts with somebody? Is there a 'recommended' group for most ineractions?

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Hi, thank you for your interest!  Human, elf  and half elf  also, she will romance Edwin if the PC is not a match or chooses not to romance her. She of course has more talks with Edwin, but for the rest they are about the same. Not really any conflicts, she isn't nice to the males at first but is later on. Not really a recommended group but Edwin being there is a plus, her romance with him will run no matter what until the PC tells her not to. Have been MIA awhile  due to RL but will get her finished asap.


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