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Wand issues

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Tested with and without the current fixpack.

WAND02.ITM - Wand of Fear
- Allows a save with a +2 bonus
- Description doesn't mention the bonus

This is also in other games, including the EEs. The description's from the original BG1, where the Horror spell also gives a +2 bonus to save (and also doesn't mention it in the description).

WAND05 - Wand of Fire
- Description says the Scorcher does "6D6 +6 (save vs. wands for half)"
- However, it uses a hardcoded projectile/damage, which is the same as the Agannazar's Scorcher spell. This is what it actually does:
    - Can hit twice: once immediately and once after a half-round
    - Main target: Each hit does 3d6 fire damage (no save)
    - Targets in path: Each hit does 2d8 fire damage (save vs. Spell for half)

Incorrect description is in the unmodded game, as well as with fixpack.

WANDFRE.ITM - Wand of Freezing Death
- This wand can cast 3 spells: Snilloc's Snowball Swarm, Icelance, and Ice Storm.

- However, with the fixpack, all 3 spells have the icelance effects, but with a different projectile:
    - 5d6 cold damage
    - Stuns for 3 rounds on a failed save vs. spell

This issue is NOT in the unmodded game. It's added with the fixpack.

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